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 README file of  sphyphb.tex -- Spanish Plain TeX Hyphenation Tables
 V 2.04  <2010/02/01>
 Includes EC encoded accented letters.
 Suggested location of sphyphb.tex: .../texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/
 Rodrigo Medina (rmedina@ivic.ve)
 Licence: LPPL
 Comments and bug reports are welcomed at rmedina@ivic.ve
 As far as I know these patterns do not produce wrong hyphen points in Spanish
 words, but I would appreciate if someone can extensively test them.

 1- This package implements the  RAE1999 rules. End-of-line word splitting
    is different from syllabic splitting.  The patterns are based on phonetic
    rules that depend on the word structure. The optional semantic rules
    (compound words, prefixes) and  style considerations (to avoid bad words)
    are disregarded.
 2- Groups of vowels, including imbeded "h", are not split.
 3- A hyphen is never put in front of an "h" except for the patterns "hue"
    "hua","huo", "hui" and "hie".
 4- Isolated letters at the beginning or at the end of the word are avoided.
 5- Many spaniards say "at-le-ta", but most spanish-americans
    say "a-tle-ta". Both hyphenations are accepted. We take the second one. 
 6- Some exceptions for the prefix "sub" are included.
 7- The standard spanish patterns require lefthyphenmin and righthyphenmin
    equal or bigger than 2. Instead these patterns work with lefthyphenmin=1
    and righthyphenmin=1, but the result is the same than setting both
    parameters equal to 2.
 8- The package works also with encodings ISO8859-1 and ISO8859-15.
 9- In order to activate the EC letters the following commands should appear
    before the text.

\catcode`\^^e1=11 \lccode`\^^e1=`\^^e1 % 'a
\catcode`\^^e9=11 \lccode`\^^e9=`\^^e9 % 'e
\catcode`\^^ed=11 \lccode`\^^ed=`\^^ed % 'i
\catcode`\^^f1=11 \lccode`\^^f1=`\^^f1 % ~n
\catcode`\^^f3=11 \lccode`\^^f3=`\^^f3 % 'o
\catcode`\^^fa=11 \lccode`\^^fa=`\^^fa % 'u
\catcode`\^^fc=11 \lccode`\^^fc=`\^^fc % "u
\catcode`\^^c1=11 \lccode`\^^c1=`\^^e1 % 'A
\catcode`\^^c9=11 \lccode`\^^c9=`\^^e9 % 'E
\catcode`\^^cd=11 \lccode`\^^cd=`\^^ed % 'I
\catcode`\^^d1=11 \lccode`\^^d1=`\^^f1 % ~N
\catcode`\^^d3=11 \lccode`\^^d3=`\^^f3 % 'O
\catcode`\^^da=11 \lccode`\^^da=`\^^fa % 'U
\catcode`\^^dc=11 \lccode`\^^dc=`\^^fc % "U

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (5.2k).

sphyphb – Experimental Spanish hyphenation patterns

These hyphenation patterns for Spanish, follow RAE 1999. Only phonetic rules are used, but it is believed that it gives the right hyphenation of all Spanish words. Nevertheless, extensive testing is still needed.

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