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The pack­age con­tains the font files and pre-pro­ces­sor for print­ing San­skrit in both de­vana­gari and translit­er­ated ro­man with di­a­crit­ics.

Some fea­tures of the de­vana­gari are:

  • Font avail­able in three weights and two slopes.
  • The i-hooks con­nect to the con­so­nant at the cor­rect po­si­tion.
  • Ac­cents for all Vedas (23 sym­bols).
  • Ac­cent mark­ing in colour or grey shad­ing.
  • Choice of ba­sic char­ac­ter forms, and samyoga.
  • Dy­namic op­tion se­lec­tion.
  • Range of in­ter- and in­tra-syl­la­ble spac­ing.
  • Vedic anus­vaara and ji­h­vaa­muuli­iya/upadhmaani­iya.
  • Crisper char­ac­ters (to look good at poster size of 150mm/6-inches).

Some fea­tures of the translit­er­ated ro­man:

  • Translit­er­ated out­put in ro­man script with di­a­crit­ics, us­ing the same en­cod­ing scheme as for pro­duc­ing de­vanaa­garii.
  • Tech­ni­cal translit­er­ated out­put us­ing four 'cases', fol­low­ing the style of S.M.Ka­tre in his trans­la­tion of the A.s.taad­hyaayii.
  • Each translit­er­a­tion mode has four styles: ro­man/italic x bold/nor­mal.

The font and sup­port­ing files are de­signed for use with ; it is a bitmap font us­ing .


If sktbugxx.txt files ex­ist, you may want to im­ple­ment any changes or patches first.

Run the meta­font pro­gram on the eight font source files (the typ­i­cal com­mand would be mf "\mode=ljfour; mag=1; input skt8;" to pro­duce the .tfm files. If you are us­ing dvips, then the .pk files will be pro­duced au­to­mat­i­cally on de­mand; if not, then you will need to

  1. Con­vert the .gf files with the com­mand gftopk skt8.600gf (the num­ber '600' de­pends upon your printer res­o­lu­tion and the mag­ni­fi­ca­tion) to pro­duce skt8.pk which must be copied to the ap­pro­pri­ate sub­di­rec­tory.
  2. Re­peat this pro­cess with all eight fonts.
  3. For the six skt*10.mf files the whole pro­cess needs to be re­peated with the mag value in the mf com­mand set to 1.095, 1.2, 1.44, 1.728, 2.074 and 2.488.

The mf_inputs path needs to point to the files with a .mf ex­ten­sion; the tex_fonts path should point to the .tfm files; the tex_inputs path should point to the files skt.sty, ot1skt.fd. The tex_exe (or other ap­pro­pri­ate) path should point to skt.exe.

To test the setup on the doc­u­men­ta­tion file: first run the pre-pro­ces­sor skt sktdoc and then latex sktdoc. The files ifthen.sty, relsize.sty, xcolor.sty and multicol.sty are also re­quired.

The files that you should have are:

readme.txt This file.

skt.sty Style file () for the skt-se­ries fonts.

ot1skt.fd Font de­scrip­tor file for the skt-se­ries fonts.

skt.c Pre-pro­ces­sor source pro­gram in ANSI C.

sktdoc.skt Source file of doc­u­men­ta­tion and sam­ples.

sktdoc.ps Print file of doc­u­men­ta­tion and sam­ples.

sktdefs.mf Com­mon def­i­ni­tions of pens, macros, etc. for skt-se­ries fonts.

sktchars.mf Com­mon char­ac­ter source file for skt-se­ries fonts.

sktligs.mf Li­ga­ture codes (in fact ac­cess codes for non-print­ing ASCII code char­ac­ters) for skt-se­ries fonts.

skt8.mf source file for skt font at 8pt up­right.

skt9.mf source file for skt font at 9pt up­right.

skt10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt up­right.

sktb10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt up­right bold.

sktf10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt up­right feint.

skts10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt slanted.

sktbs10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt bold slant.

sktfs10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt feint slant.

skt*.tfm Eight .tfm font files for above.

sktbugxx.txt There may be a se­ries of such files, where ‘xx’ is a two-digit num­ber, list­ing re­ported bugs and (pos­si­bly) fixes or patches.


  • Re­vi­sion 1.0 1996/02/13 Charles Wikner wikner@nacdh4.nac.ac.za
  • Re­vi­sion 2.0 1996/11/27 Charles Wikner wikner@nacdh4.nac.ac.za
  • Re­vi­sion 2.2 2002/01/02 Charles Wikner wikner@nac.ac.za
  • Re­vi­sion 2.2.1 2016/09/01 Vá­clav Hais­man vhais­man@gmail.com

I, Vá­clav Hais­man, am only a main­tainer pro tem­pore. If you are read­ing this and you have patches to sub­mit and ac­tual in­ter­est in and knowl­edge of San­skrit and , do not hes­i­tate to ask for main­tain­er­ship of this pack­age. I will gladly pass the ba­ton over to you.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.7M).

san­skrit – San­skrit sup­port

A font and pre-pro­ces­sor suit­able for the pro­duc­tion of doc­u­ments writ­ten in San­skrit. Type 1 ver­sions of the fonts are avail­able.

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