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This file is for multiuser UNIX version of CTeX 2.1.

1. Distribution Sites

  Your obligations:
  o  To become a new CTeX ftp site, send us an email (prosoft@caprica.com).
  o  Append your ftp site address to the section 7, "ftp sites", of this file.
     Do not delete other ftp sites.
  o  Additional CTeX fonts are not free, so do not put them in your archive.
     You are allowed to put the Standard Kai Ti CTeX fonts of the standard 
     UNIX distribution, together with other blank CTeX fonts of size less than
     64KB per font with the archive.

2. Unix Version Users

  Unix version users: CTeX 2.1 is free for academic and non-profit 
organizations for non-commercial purposes only.  You may contact us to obtain
license for commercial use by paying a proper fee.  The additional CTeX 
outline fonts may charge a proper fee for any installations.  

  Before installing the software, you must register with us. 
For registeration, send us an email (prosoft@caprica.com) and that is it.  
In the email, tell us when and where you obtained the software.

3. Multiuser Unix package

 o  ftp the following files
 o  print the file
 o  run:
    gunzip ctex21
 o  run:
    tar -xvf ctex21
 o  read the print out of ctexunx.ps and follow the instructions on system
    administration section and complete the installation.

4. DOS package

 o  copy the following files to your hard disk:
    demo.exe		( a self-extracting file )
 o  read the file readme.dos and complete the installation of demo.
 o  To order, print out the order.hp or order.ps and send it out.

5. Bugs Report

Any bugs should be reported to Prosoft International.
email: prosoft@caprica.com

6. Prosoft International

Prosoft International: prosoft@caprica.com

7. ftp sites
  sites		country	
ftp.dante.de 	Germany	
ifcss.org  	USA	
ftp.shsu.edu 	USA	
ftp.tex.ac.uk 	England	

oriental – A version of for which Oriental languages are native

A version of that can cope with the large fonts that characterise the languages of China, Japan and Korea.

The distribution is provided as DOS and ‘Unix’ executables (it is not clear which Unix is intended).

LicensesNo Commercial Use
MaintainerProsoft International
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