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This document is a Chinese translation to texdoc tlmgr. If there exist wrong translations or some practical functions that I haven't write, welcome to raise an issue or PR.

Live uses tlmgr to manage schemes, collections and packages. If you still don't install Live, please install one with the help of install-latex-guide-zh-cn and texlive-zh-cn.

However the tlmgr's official document is too long for common users, so I select some practical funcitons and usage to introduce.

To compile this project, I recommend to run


under the \tlmgr-intro-zh-cn folder. The compiled document could be found at the release page.


This work is released under the GNU GPL, v3.0 or later.

关于 tlmgr 使用方法的简介

这个文档是对 texdoc tlmgr 的翻译以及补充. 由于翻译水平与专业知识有限, 文档中有一些词汇和语句翻译的并不好, 如果您有更好的翻译或者纠正我的错误, 可以在该项目处提出 issue 或者 PR.

Live 使用 tlmgr 来管理安装方案, 集合和软件包, 如果还没有安装 Live, 可以参考 install-latex-guide-zh-cntexlive-zh-cn 进行安装.

但是 tlmgr 官方文档 过于冗长, 有很多一般用户接触不到的功能, 在这里将它简化, 拿出一些比较基础使用的命令来介绍.

本文档推荐使用 latexmk 进行编译, 在文件夹 \tlmgr-intro-zh-cn 下, 用命令行运行


即可, 编译后的文档可在 release 处获取.


本文档遵循 GNU GPL 3.0 及以后的开源协议.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (439.0k).

tlmgr-intro-zh-cn – A short tutorial on using tlmgr in Chinese

This is a Chinese translation of the tlmgr documentation. It introduces some of the common usage of the Live Manager.

The original can be found in the tlmgrbasics package.

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