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This directory contains all the source files for the writeup "Using TeX on
the VAX to Typeset Documents: A Primer." This document is designed to be
a more gentle introduction to using plain TeX than a user'd get if they just 
dove right into Knuth's TeXbook. It doesn't cover previewing, use of LaTeX
or any of the various third-party TeX packages; it is strictly plain vanilla
TeX and DVIPS all the way. 

If you are going to build this primer on a VAX running VMS, just mget all
the files, edit MAKE_PRIMER.COM as required to suit your local circumstances,
and say @MAKE_PRIMER to generate a copy of it.

If you are running TeX on a UNIX system, or on a PC or a Mac or whatever,
take a look at MAKE_PRIMER.COM to see the steps involved in making the 
document. There isn't anything happening that you couldn't do "the hard way,"
i.e., manually, if that's all you have available.

You'll need about 1800 VAX/VMS (512 byte) disk blocks for the raw files; if 
space is tight you can omit Appendix G and the accompanying PostScript files
included as a demonstration of using \special's to include PostScript
graphics files. DISSPLA2.PS, for example, accounts for 637 blocks all by 

After processing, you'll probably find that you've used up about 5500 blocks.

Anyhow, that's about it. If you enjoy my little primer and find it useful,
let me know. If you catch any errors, please also let me know about that!

Happy TeX-ing!

Joe St Sauver (7 Jan 1991)
joe@oregon.uoregon.edu or joe@oregon
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