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Via Exemplos

This is the course written in brazilian portuguese language.

How to compile

To compile, need to use XeLaTeX or Lua.

First, compile the following files, using pdflatex, xelatex, ou lualatex: latex-via-exemplos-fig.tex, latex-via-exemplos-poster.tex, latex-via-exemplos-slides.tex, latex-via-exemplos-certificado.tex

For example, will compile using pdflatex as

pdflatex latex-via-exemplos-fig
pdflatex latex-via-exemplos-poster
pdflatex latex-via-exemplos-slides
pdflatex latex-via-exemplos-slides
pdflatex latex-via-exemplos-certificado

Note that latex-via-exemplos-slides.tex are compiled twice.

The next step is to compile latex-via-exemplos.tex using XeLaTeX (or Lua) as

xelatex latex-via-exemplos
bibtex latex-via-exemplos
makeindex latex-via-exemplos
xelatex latex-via-exemplos
xelatex latex-via-exemplos

The latex-via-exemplos is two sided document.

To generate one sided version, compile latex-via-exemplos-oneside.tex using XeLaTeX (or Lua) as

xelatex latex-via-exemplos-oneside
bibtex latex-via-exemplos-oneside
makeindex latex-via-exemplos-oneside
xelatex latex-via-exemplos-oneside
xelatex latex-via-exemplos-oneside

Note: The linux user will use shell script "makedoc.sh" to compile at once as

bash makedoc.sh


The latex-via-exemplos.tex require japanese font in way to compile, due to example of multilingual features of XeLaTeX/Lua.

It requires several packages available on CTAN, used on their examples.


Sadao Massago



All files are distributed as GNU GPL version 2, or (at your option) any latter version.


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.2M).

latex-via-exemplos – A course written in brazilian portuguese language

This is a course written in brazilian portuguese language.

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