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(Version of 2021-05-26.)

This directory contains messages posted to the original incarnation of
the private tex-implementors list, from around November 1987 to January 1995.
Some of the messages are from Knuth, and comments from Knuth are
interspersed with some of the reports.

Messages 20, 21, and 43 are absent, for unknown reasons.

Additional files *.bug and others are also from around that time.
The labrea* files are file listings of what was on the main
Stanford distribution server (labrea.[cs.]stanford.edu) at various dates.

For questions or comments about this material, the best place to post is
the public list, tex-k@tug.org (https://lists.tug.org/tex-k).

For other past updates to TeX and Metafont, and information on reporting
new bugs, the list of known bugs, etc., see https://tug.org/texmfbug.

tex-implementors – Entries from the tex-implementors mailing list

The directory holds files containing messages and other information that was distributed via the tex-implementors mailing list.

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