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		MakeIndex General Release Information

	Copyright (C) 1989 by Chen & Harrison International Systems, Inc.
	Copyright (C) 1988 by Olivetti Research Center
	Copyright (C) 1987 by Regents of the University of California

			Author: Pehong Chen

MakeIndex is a general purpose index processor.  This release contains
a FILES file, this README file, a CONTRIB file, an ACK file, a COPYING
notice, a brief PORTING instruction, a doc directory, a paper
directory, a src directory, a lib directory, and a test directory.

Everyone should read COPYING before installing or distributing MakeIndex.

The CONTRIB file lists the names of people who have contributed to
to this release.

The ACK file contains the author's acknowledgements.

FILES is a note to people receiving MakeIndex from the automatic mail
distribution, which is done by the shell script "auto".

PORTING contains some information for people interested in porting
MakeIndex to systems not supported under the current distribution.

The doc directory contains

deblank.awk		AWK script used in the Makefile steps

makeindex.hlp		ASCII version of makeindex.l

makeindex.info		an Emacs (TOPS-20 and GNU) INFO node produced
			automatically from makeindex.vms by vmshelp2
			(available from Utah)

makeindex.l		a UNIX man page

makeindex.ps		PostScript translation of makeindex.l

makeindex.tex		documentation for the use under	LaTeX
			by Leslie Lamport

makeindex.vms		VAX/VMS equivalent of makeindex.l suitable
			for inclusion in a local help library

For a detailed discussion on the design of MakeIndex, please read

	Pehong Chen and Michael Harrison, ``Automating Index Preparation'',
	Tech. Report No. 87/347, Computer Science Division,
	University of California, Berkeley, March 1987.

A version of this report is included in the paper directory.  A
somewhat condensed version entitled

	``Index Preparation and Processing''

appears in Software: Practice and Experience, 18(9):897-915, September 1988.


The src directory contains the C source of MakeIndex.  This current
version is known to compile and run on UNIX (BSD and System V, cc and
gcc), VAX/VMS (VMS cc), TOPS-20 (kcc-20 and pcc-20), and IBM PC DOS
(Microsoft C Version 5.0, Turbo C Version 2.0), Atari ST, Siemens
BS2000 (CCD-2000), and IBM MVS/XA (IBM-C370).  Consult the files
README and LOG in the src directory for further details.

Type make to compile under BSD UNIX.  Makefiles or command scripts for
the other operating systems are included as well.  Implementations of
Make for them are available as part of the Utah DVI driver
distribution (send e-mail to beebe@math.utah.edu).

Early porting work was carried out by Charles Karney
(karney%ppc.mfenet@nmfecc.arpa) at Princeton University and David J.
Buerger (dbeurger%scu.bitnet@jade.berkeley.edu) at University of Santa
Clara.  These efforts were independent of the port to PC DOS, TOPS-20,
VAX VMS, and the draft-ANSI C environment for version 2.3 carried out
by Nelson H.F. Beebe (beebe@math.utah.edu).  That port is described
in the file LOG in the src directory.

The lib directory contains the file idxmac.tex, which is an excerpt of
LaTeX's macros for indexing.  This file can be included in plain TeX
documents to generate the .idx file.  Similarly, the file
idxmac-amstex.tex can be used with AmSTeX.  Some hacking may be
necessary to incorporate it with other dialects.  Some people have
complained not having the LaTeX sty file mentioned in
doc/makeindex.tex in their library, so a copy of makeidx.sty and
makeidx.doc is also included in the lib directory.

The file showidx.sty provides a LaTeX document style option that
records index references on each page in marginal notes; this
facilitates checking that important phrases have been indexed, without
the need to continually consult the index.

The test directory contains several sets of test files:

b209*.idx		Miscellaneous tests that uncovered bugs at
			makeindex version 2.09 which were fixed for
			version 2.10.

book.idx		Raw index generated from ``The Technology War'',
			David Brandin and Michael Harrison,
			John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1988.

tort.idx		a host of odd raw index entries

test.tex, test.idx	a version of doc/makeindex.tex (due to Leslie
			Lamport) that incorporates index entries
			(prepared by Nelson Beebe).
			This can be used both to test MakeIndex, as well as to
			illustrate the production of an index for new users.
			Read src/README for more info.

ok-*.inx, ok-*.ilg	Correct output for files without the ok- prefix.

Makefile		UNIX makefile to run regression tests on

vmsdiff.com		VAX VMS command file to run differences; its
			definition of the symbol MAKEINDEX must be
			adapted for each site, since VAX VMS foreign
			command symbols require an absolute file
			directory name.

The troff directory contains

troff.ist		a sample style file
ixmac			defines macros to be used for indexing under troff
sample.txt		a sample troff document with embedded index commands
sample.idx		raw index file
sample.ind		the pre-formatted index file
makeind			a shell script that creates the raw index file (.idx),
			invokes makeindex which creates the final index file
			(.ind).  Note that
				makeind sample.txt
			will create sample.idx, sample.ilg, and sample.ind.

						Pehong Chen

						Nelson H.F. Beebe
						28-Jan-1988, 05-Jul-1991

						Joachim Schrod


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (522.1k).

makeindex – Process index output to produce typesettable code

A general purpose hierarchical index generator; it accepts one or more input files (often produced by a text formatter such as or troff), sorts the entries, and produces an output file which can be formatted. The formats of the input and output files are specified in a style file; by default, input is assumed to be an .idx file, as generated by .

LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
MaintainerNelson H. F. Beebe
Pehong Chen (inactive)
Contained inTeX Live as makeindex
MiKTeX as miktex-makeindex-bin-2.9
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