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(c) 2005, 2006, 2007 Eugene K. Ressler

Sketch is a simple system for producing line drawings of 
three-dimensional objects and scenes. It began as a way to make 
illustrations for a textbook after we could find no suitable tool 
for this purpose. Existing scene processors emphasized GUIs and/or 
photo-realism, both un-useful to us. We wanted to produce finely 
wrought, mathematically-based illustrations with no extraneous 
detail and be able to easily overlay TeX math and text. The input 
language is reminiscent of PSTricks, so will be easy to learn for 
current PSTricks users.  It generates either PSTricks or TikZ/PGF
code as output.  See http://www.frontiernet.net/~eugene.ressler .

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.9M).

sketch – A 3d sketch lan­guage trans­la­tor

Sketch is a small, sim­ple sys­tem for pro­duc­ing line draw­ings of two- or three-di­men­sional ob­jects and scenes. It be­gan as a way to make il­lus­tra­tions for a text­book af­ter we could find no suit­able tool for this pur­pose. Ex­ist­ing scene pro­ces­sors em­pha­sized GUIs and/or photo-re­al­ism, nei­ther of which was use­ful to us. We wanted to pro­duce finely wrought, math­e­mat­i­cally-based il­lus­tra­tions with no ex­tra­ne­ous de­tail.

The in­put lan­guage is rem­i­nis­cent of PSTricks, so will be easy for cur­rent PSTricks users to learn; out­put is for use ei­ther by pstricks it­self, or by pgf

Home pagehttp://www.fron­tier­net.net/~eu­gene.ressler
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Main­tainer Eu­gene K. Ressler
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