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Direc­tory graphics/pbmtopk

This directory contains the PBMtoPK and PKtoPBM programs. The PBM libraries
required to compile these programs are available from expo.lcs.mit.edu in the
directory contrib/.
The PBM library is the work of Jef Poskanzer (jef@well.sf.ca.us), and PBMtoPK
and PKtoPBM are the work of Angus Duggan (ajcd@lfcs.ed.ac.uk), based on
programs by Tom Rokicki.

AJCD 30/10/91

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (57.1k).

PBM­toPK – Con­ver­sion be­tween PBM and PK for­mats

PBM­toPK is a pro­gram for con­vert­ing and col­lect­ing bitmaps into a PK for­mat font (with cor­re­spond­ing TFM file), for use with . PK­toPBM per­forms the in­verse op­er­a­tion, ex­tract­ing bitmaps from a PK for­mat font.

A sim­i­lar op­er­a­tion is un­der­taken by the pbm­togf bun­dle.

Ver­sion 1991-10-30
Li­cense Un­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainerAn­gus Dug­gan
Topics pro­cess fonts for use with (in­cludes in­stal­la­tion)
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