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In the file DOCUMENT.ps you will find a detailed description with
all the details of the construction of TXP. Also you will find
a general explanation about the way to use it and the small AWK
routine: gentyp.awk, and a few examples with the last one included
in this distribution under the name "example.mp" that covers all
the major items and show how to use it.

One point not really explained clearly is the way to use Computer
Modern fonts, the standard fonts used by TeX, corresponding to
The only thing to do when using these fonts is to change the limits of
the loop in "txp.mp" where it is written: "for j=15 upto 243:", 
to  "for j = 1 upto 127:". This is due to the fact that Computer
Modern are fonts of the type "7", so limited to seven bits. 
Also it must be said that for using the routine gentyp.awk with this
kind of fonts, it must be modified, but once the file "fcmr10" has
been obtained (and it is in the distribution) there is no reason to
use gentyp.awk with this font .

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (139.8k).

txp – Draw text along a path

The txp package provides a general-purpose macro to draw abitrary text along a given path.

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