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README file for release 0.83 of METAOBJ


  Install the file inputs/metaobj.mp on your metapost path, typically under


  On UNIX, you may need to run texhash or something like this, so that your
  TeX installation knows about the new file.


  In order to test the package, take any .mp file from the examples
  directory, for instance mobjstandard.mp, and do the following:

    mpost mobjstandard.mp
    tex mproof mobjstandard.[0-9]*
    dvips mproof.dvi -o
    gv mproof.ps

  If you run into problems, you may have to increase your metapost
  environment. Try to increase first the limits you have reached.
  In order to do this, create a texmf.cnf file and put the 
  environment variables with the new values. Recreate the metapost format
  with inimpost mpost.ini, but be sure the texmf.cmf file you have
  created is taken into account. (Do something like setenv TEXMFCNF .:
  or export TEXMF=.: if needed.) And then compile again. 
  Eventually, you should be able to compile the example.

  Note: the compilation of proofex.mp is very slow, be patient.


  A manual is in the doc directory.
  The metaobj.mp code is not formatted with mft, because mft can't
  handle many of metaobj's idiosyncrasies.

Denis Roegel, August 2, 2003.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (672.7k).

metaobj – package providing high-level objects

METAOBJ is a large package providing high-level objects. It implements many of PSTricks' features for node connections, but also trees, matrices, and many other things. It more or less contains boxes.mp and rboxes.mp. There is a large (albeit not complete) documentation distributed with the package. It is easily extensible with new objects.

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MaintainerDenis B. Roegel
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