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AUTOMATA.MP - version 0.3

This package is a collection of macros for METAPOST to
make easier to draw finite-state machines, automata, 
labeled graphs, etc. Nodes can be either isolated or 
arranged into matrices or trees; edges connect pairs 
of nodes through arbitrary paths. Some parameters can
be specified to define different shapes for nodes and/or 
different styles for the edges.

The archive consists of the following files:

- README   This file

- automata.mp   This file defines the macros. It should 
  be included in a main .mp file by using the directive 
     input automata;

- example.mp    This is a short example of an .mp file
  that produces a finite-state automaton 
  (it should be compiled with metapost using
      mp -tex=latex example.mp
   and it should produce a PS file named example.0)

- example.0     This is the PS file generated from

- example.tex   This shows how to include MetaPost
  figures in a LaTeX document

- example.pdf   This is the PDF file generated from 

The material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public 
License and it can be downloaded from the web page
by following the link "Other links".

Gabriele Puppis - gabriele.puppis@gmail.com

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (91.7k).

au­tomata – Fi­nite state ma­chines, graphs and trees in

The pack­age of­fers a col­lec­tion of macros for to make eas­ier to draw fi­nite-state ma­chines, au­tomata, la­belled graphs, etc. The user de­fines nodes, which may be iso­lated or ar­ranged into ma­tri­ces or trees; edges con­nect pairs of nodes through ar­bi­trary paths. Pa­ram­e­ters, that spec­ify the shapes of nodes and the styles of edges, may be ad­justed.

Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainer Gabriele Pup­pis
Con­tained inTeX Live as au­tomata
MiKTeX as au­tomata
Topics fi­nite-state ma­chines, au­tomata, la­belled graphs, etc.
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