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Including Mac PostScript files in a (La)TeX document.  You need to
have Psfig installed to use this package!!!  This package contains the
following files:

README				; this file
cleanps.c			; C program to cleanup the Mac PS file
lprep71.pro			; Neutered LaserPrep Version 71 file
macbb.ps			; Mac System 7.0 PS file
macclover.ps			; Mac System 7.0 PS file (the apple "clover")
mactotex.tex			; LaTeX documentation
mactotex.man			; man page documentation

What you need in addition to this package:
package:				most liekly place to find it:

TeX 					ymir.claremont.edu,labrea.stanford.edu
Psfig					whitechapel.media.mit.edu
dvips					labrea.stanford.edu


1) Compile cleanps:

	cc -o cleanps cleanps.c

2) Move cleanps to some standard bin directory (i.e. /usr/local/bin)
3) Move the lprep71.pro file to the same place you have the other lprep files
   (see the Psfig documentation).
4) Move the man page to where-ever you keep man pages 
5) "LaTeX," print, and read the documentation (latex mactotex, etc): 
   Note:  This documentation is a test
   of the psfig procedures, so if it doesn't LaTeX and print correctly, 
   something is wrong with your installation.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (30.5k).

mactotex – Convert "Macintosh PostScript" for use with

The program cleans out all the irrelevant things that the MACOS applications used to add, and restructures so that the files can be “used with ”. The documentation talks about using psfig, but it doesn't seem likely that this is actually necessary, 15 years after the program was written.

Version 1991-10-03
Copyright1991 Adam S. Fedor
MaintainerAdam Fedor
TopicsGraphics prep
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