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%% /u/sy/beebe/src/psposter/README, Fri Dec 16 15:02:08 1994
%% Edit by Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe@plot79.math.utah.edu>

	Nelson H. F. Beebe
	Center for Scientific Computing
	Department of Mathematics
	University of Utah
	Salt Lake City, UT 84112
	Email: beebe@math.utah.edu (Internet)
	Tel: +1 801 581 5254
	FAX: +1 801 581 4148

This directory contains psposter, an easy-to-use program for producing
simple colored posters in PostScript.

	    *** This program is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. ***

The master copy of psposter can be found on the Internet archive
ftp.math.utah.edu:/pub/misc in compressed UNIX tar, zip, and zoo
formats.  It may be automatically mirrored from there to other
Internet sites.

If you don't have lptops installed (available in the same archive as
psposter), you can create an empty afmfonts.map file, and put it in a
directory pointed to by the AFMPATH environment variable.  lptops is
very handy, and its installation will supply you with some additional
fonts for psposter.

The files in the psposter distribution consist of:

CHANGELOG		Reverse time-ordered log of changes to psposter.

README			This file.

Makefile		UNIX Makefile for installing and uninstalling

TODO			Record of things to do in future versions.

bb.ps			PostScript file to prepend to an EPS file for
			determining the bounding box.  This comes from
			Tom Rokicki's dvips 5.528 distribution,
			available on labrea.stanford.edu, and the CTAN
			(Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) archives
			(do "finger ctan@pip.shsu.edu" for a list of
			CTAN sites).

fontlist.ps		PostScript file for listing the resident fonts
			on a PostScript output device, in alphabetical

fontlsim.ps		Simple version of fontlist.ps, without sorting;
			this is the file illustrated in the man pages.

fontlold.ps		PostScript file for listing the resident fonts
			on a PostScript output device; uses Level 1
			PostScript, but Adobe documentation says that
			the technique is unreliable.

fontshow.ps		PostScript file for listing and illustrating
			the resident fonts in alphabetical order on a
			PostScript output device.

man2ps			UNIX shell script for converting UNIX manual
			pages to PostScript.

psposter.awk		The program.

psposter.hlp		VAX VMS HELP file for psposter.man.

psposter.man		UNIX manual pages documenting psposter.

psposter.txt		ASCII formatted nroff output from psposter.man.

psposter.ps		PostScript typeset output from psposter.man.

psposter.sh		Pre-installation script for running psposter.

rofvms.awk		Program for converting nroff manual page
			output to VAX VMS HELP file format.
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