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README for afm2pfm

This ZIP file contains two programs: 
   pfm2afm - Convert Windows .pfm files to .afm files
   afm2pfm - convert Adobe .afm file to MS-Windows binary .pfm file
They have been compiled with EMX/GCC 0.9a.
To run under OS/2 or MS-DOS, you need 

1. pfm2afm was written by
   Author: Ken Borgendale   10/9/91  Version 1.0
   but slightly modified by myself to compile with EMX/GCC and
   to be more compatible with actual PFM files and afm2pfm.
   pfm2afm is copyrighted by Ken Borgendale.

2. afm2pfm was written by myself so that I could create a PFM file
   for use with the MS-Windows ATM.

   afm2pfm is copyright by Russell Lang, and covered by the FSF Licence.
   See the file COPYING for details.

     afm2pfm  [-w] [-?] infile [outfile]

     -? displays a short help message.
     -w suppresses warnings.
     The extension .afm is added to the infile if it has none.
     If unspecified, the outfile is defaulted from the input file name.

     afm2pfm was written to produce a PFM file for a simple Type 1 font 
     that I had created.  More complex AFM files may expose limitations 
     in this program.  Warning messages are produced for AFM lines or 
     sections that are ignored.  Ligatures are silently ignored.  Track 
     kerning and Composites are ignored.  Unencoded characters are ignored.

     I wrote this to create a PFM file for a small Type 1 font that 
     I had created by hand and converted to PFB format with 
     I created the AFM file by hand which allowed the font to be used
     with the OS/2 PM Adobe Type Manager.
     afm2pfm allows me to use the font with MS-Windows ATM.
     AFM documentation is available from ftp.adobe.com.
     PFM docuemntation is available in the Windows 3.1 DDK.
     Since writing afm2pfm, I found that a similar program AFM.EXE 
     exists in the Windows 3.1 DDK.  AFM.EXE is likely to have less
     problems thatn afm2pfm, but afm2pfm is free.

Russell Lang <rjl@eng.monash.edu.au>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (76.6k).

pfm2afm – Convert PFM files to AFM, and vice versa

Two programs that translate in either direction between (binary) Windows printer font metric (PFM) and Adobe font metric (AFM) files.

LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright1994 Russell Lang
MaintainerRussell Lang
TopicsFont processor
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