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It has come to my attention that our assumption that the MFlib that we had
was the current standard is NOT true. The problem is that I am sitting here
in Pittsburgh and cannot get to the machine in Israel with the original
version. I will be back there in a week and a half (23 December) and will be
back to Pittsburgh, where I can easily rebuild this archive only by 1
February 1991. If someone has the correct mflib.a and would inform me where
I can snarf it from, I will attempt to build the mf2ps here and if that
works I will post it here.

I am sorry to cause this inconvenience; this is a problem living in a place
that does not quite get everything up to date and from which telnet and ftp
are expensive propositions.
Note that mf2ps is built out of mf84 for the sun. It uses suntools. So it
will not work directly on other machines. However, I suspect that by making
the changes we made to mf84 modules to those on another machine, you will
come up with an mf2ps for another machine.
This directory contains the troff sources for the mf2ps paper
Environment for Translating \f(LGMETAFONT\fP to PostSscript
published in TUGboat 11:4, pages 525-541 at the end of 1990.

This directory contains almost all the modules to make mf2ps. This
directory should be installed parallel to mf84 so that the includes will

all the plain* files are the ones I used
plain.base and other plain.* file were generated by
inimf running on plain.mf

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (827.4k).

mf2ps – Modification of to produce PostScript output

The system describes Pascal source modifications to (version 1.7 or earlier) for it to produce fonts specified in PostScript. The work was undertaken before Adobe published the specification of its Type 1 format, so that the fonts thus produced are bulky and relatively inefficient, in modern terms.

Version 1993-02-18
MaintainerDaniel Berry
Shimon Yanai
TopicsFont processor
See alsometatype1
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