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Directory fonts/urw/arial

             URW A030 (Arial) font pack for LaTeX

This directory provides a set of Postscript Type-1 fonts
which URW has made available for free under the Aladdin Free
Public License:

  font name:                  files:
  A030-Reg                    ua1r8a.pfb

  A030-Bol                    ua1b8a.pfb

  A030-Ita                    ua1ri8a.pfb

  A030-BolIta                 ua1bi8a.pfb

The original distribution site of the font files is

The fonts are accompanied by the TeX font metrics, virtual
fonts, font definition and font mapping files to use them
with the LaTeX typesetting system on the PC or Un*x
platform.  The layout of the distribution and the related
installation instructions suit recent, TDS-compliant TeX
systems, particularly teTeX, MikTeX and VTeX/Free.

Installation paths
The files of your TeX system are arranged in one or more
tree structures, the so-called "texmf trees".  The names and
paths of the particular root directories of these trees vary
between different TeX systems.  In the following
instructions the install paths are indicated in a form such
as, for instance:

<texmf> stands for the the actual name of the root directory
of the texmf tree, where you want to install the files:  

teTeX and MikTeX require additional files to be installed in
a particular "local" tree (rather than in the one where the
default components of the TeX system reside).  Its path must
either be indicated in the documentation of the TeX system
or you should have defined it yourself upon installation.
With MikTeX, for instance, the root directory of the "local"
texmf tree is usually "c:\localtexmf", so you would in fact
have to substitute

for the path name in the above example.  

VTeX/Free, in contrast, has only one single texmf tree,
whose root directory is normally "/usr/local/vtex/texmf" (on
Linux) or "c:\texmf" (on OS/2).

Note that paths are indicated in "Unix notation" (i.e.,
using slashes as directory separators), unless they are
specific for Win or OS/2.

Installing the Type1 font files
The Type1 font files


are to be copied to the directory


and the corresponding .afm files should go into


Most likely, you will have to create these directories

Feel free to use the fonts also with applications other than
TeX!  The related PFM files are provided for this purpose;
move them to the same directory as the PFBs.

Installing the TeX support files from the archive ua1.zip
Unpack the ZIP archive ua1.zip in the directory <texmf>,
i.e., in root directory of the TeX file tree, where you want
to install the present collection.  Thus, all files will end
up in the appropriate directories.

Updating the filename database
Many TeX systems require manual updating of a "filename
database" after adding of new files.  Please, consult the
documentation of your TeX system!

Configuring your TeX system
The present distribution includes several font map files for
the URW Arial fonts.  You need to configure your TeX system
so that an appropriate file will be used in fact.  

The required steps depend on the particular TeX system.
Particular sets of instructions are provided below for the
following systems:

  * MikTeX 2.4 and later
  * VTeX/Free 8 and later

With other TeX systems such a tTeX/TeXLive, consult the
related documentation how to install an additional font map
file.  The name of the map file to be used for Arial is
"ua1.map".  Two identical copies of this file reside
in the directories <texmf>/dvips/config and

* Configuring MikTeX 2.4+
Edit the file <texmf>\miktex\config\updmap.cfg.  (In case it
does not yet exist, create it as a new file.)  Add the line

  Map ua1.map 
and save the file; then execute the following commands 
in a command line window ("DOS shell"):

  initexmf -u 

* Configuring VTeX/Free 8+
Make VTeX read the additional font mapping file
ua1.ali.  This is usually accomplished by putting an
appropriate record into each of the configuration files


Edit these files; in each file add "ua1.ali"
to the TYPE1 section:

  TYPE1 {

Using the URW Arial fonts with LaTeX
See the file arial.txt, which resides in the directory

Fontinst sources
The archive file ua1fnst.zip contains the Fontinst script
and additional mtx files which were used to create the font
metrics and virtual fonts for URW Arial.  You need not
install this material, if you just want to _use_ the fonts
with TeX.

Distribution and modification of the the URW Arial fonts
are subject to the Aladdin Free Public License

  Copyright (c) 2000 by (URW)++ Design & Development

The TeX font metrics, virtual fonts and font definition
files for URW Arial i.e., the files in the archive
ua1.zip, may be distributed and/or modified under the
conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either
version 1.3 of this license or (at your option) any later
version.  The latest version of this license is in
http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt and version 1.3 or
later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version
2003/12/01 or later.

  Copyright (c) 2006 Walter Schmidt

== finis

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (243.8k).

urw-arial – URW Arial font pack for use with

The bundle provides Type 1 fonts providing the family “URW A030 (Arial)” released under the AFPL by URW, with supporting files for use with .

Version 2006-03-21
LicensesNo Commercial Use
Copyright2000 (URW)++ Design & Development
MaintainerKeiran Harcombe
Walter A. Schmidt (deceased)
TDS archivearial.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live Contrib as urw-arial
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