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Direc­tory fonts/psfonts/psnfss-source/mathpple

              The virtual mathpple fonts v2.0a
                       for PSNFSS 8.1
                                              Walter Schmidt

This directory contains the fontinst sources of the virtual
mathpple fonts for typesetting math with Adobe Palatino.

The `Makefile' must be edited to reflect the directory
structure of your TeX system and the command to invoke TeX.
Currently it suits OS/2 with emTeX/TDS.  Targets are:

make tex    
  runs the master source file fontplcme.tex through TeX and
  creates the .vpl and .fd files

make metrics
  creates the .vf and .tfm files

make installfonts     
  copies all the .vf, .tfm and .fd files to the right
make all 
  makes all above targets
make clean, make realclean 
  cleans up

Version 2.0a as of 2000-05-02

* This is part of PSNFSS 8.1 now.
* The distribition includes patched afm's, 
  with the 1-1 kerns removed.
* \Re, \Im taken from Euler instead of CM Symbols.  
* \infty taken from euex10 instead of CM; 
  as a result, boldface \infty is missing now.
* Metrics for eurm10 and eurb10 are now taken from the 
  tfm's, as oposed to afm's, so as to avoid rounding errors.

Version 1.1 (1999-04-20)

* (changes affected the style file only)

Version 1.0 (1999-04-05)

* Comma and period for math are now taken from Palatino, as 
  opposed to CM Math Italic.
* Small adjustments to the spacing of a few characters.

Version 0.97 (1999-01-07)

* the first public release


The mathpple fonts are based on fontinst scripts written by
Aloysius Helminck, which were distributed in conjunction
with fontinst v1.335, but are no longer available from the
CTAN.  The main changes with regard to Helminck's model are:

* italic Greek letters from the Euler fonts;
* \mathcal from CM instead of Zapf Chancery;
* positioning of math accents substantially improved;
* improved spacing;
* cmex9 isn't used any more, because there is no Type1
  version of this typeface in the AMS distribution.

Special thanks also to Daniel Schlieper, who proposed the
project, wrote the very first version of the style file
mathpple.sty, contributed many good ideas and helped me with

-- finis
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