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Directory fonts/ps-type1/ulsy

This is the README file of the type1-ulsy-bundle

You will find with this file:
-- ulsy.map, to be used with updmap in order to use
-- ulsy.pfa, type1 version of ulsy10.mf.
-- ulsy.afm (just in case you need it).

I have followed the recipe as read in
the README of
"Type 1 versions of the Pandora fonts
Patrick TJ McPhee 11 February 2004"
/fonts/ps-type1/pandora     on CTAN
to "produce" the type1 ulsy.pfa
from ulsy10.mf provided by
Ulrich Goldschmitt 
with the ulsy-bundle (1995/02/01)
/macros/latex/contrib/ulsy   on CTAN.

To install it 
(under *nix and TeXlive, to be adapted for other configuration)
1. put the ulsy.pfa in /fonts/type1/public, 
if possible in texmf-local or texmf-home;
2. put the ulsy.map under /dvips (same remarks as above)
3. texhash
4. updmap --enable Map ulsy.map
5. enjoy.

2004-02-25, Le TeXnicien de surface.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (11.9k).

ulsy-ps – Extra mathematical characters in Adobe Type 1 format

These are autotraced versions of the ulsy fonts.

Version 2004-02-25
MaintainerYvon Henel
Ulrich Goldschmitt (inactive)
Contained inMiKTeX as ulsy
TopicsFont symbol maths
Font Type1
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