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From: bkph@kauai.ai.mit.edu (Berthold K.P. Horn)
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Date: 14 Apr 93 11:38:57 GMT
Organization: MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
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A Partial MSYM10 font.

There has been some discussion here regarding the relative virtues
of the `old' AMS Blackboard Bold (MSYM*) versus the `new' AMS
Blackboard Bold (MSBM*).  For some strange reason some people seem
to prefer the old version.  Unfortunately it appears the old version
is written in an old version of METAFONT and so is hard to use today 
to generate PK bintmap font files.

This discusssion reminded me of an ATM compatible Type 1 font that was made
up as a stop-gap measure long before the AMS font set became available in
Type 1 format.  This was a partial font containing just the most commonly
used letters from MSYM10, namely C, N, R, S, Z (for integers, reals, complex
numbers etc).  The outlines are not all perfectly accurate, but close enough
to be indistinguishable from the real thing when printed at the usual scale.

Attached find PFA, AFM, PFB, PFM, and TFM files.  On Unix/NeXT you'd
most probably want to use the PFA and AFM files, and on IBM PC compatibles
(and for ATM in Windows), the PFB and PFM files.  These files are included
here without warranties of any kind.  Use them if you know how.  
Please don't ask me how to use them with _your_ favourite printer driver 
or previewer - I almost certainly do _not_ know the answer!

Watch out for line wrapping introduced by email transferral...


P.S. this is only a partial font containing just the letters C, N, R, S, Z

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (7.0k).

msym – A partial implementation of the old msym10 font

This Adobe Type 1 font provides a good approximation to the rendition of the “important” blackboard bold letters from the old msym10 font, viz., C, N, R, S and Z. (There is a school of thought that believes that msym10‘s blackboard bold “looked better” than that of msbm10, but msym10 is no longer available.)

Version 1993-04-19
MaintainerBerthold K. P. Horn
TopicsBBD Font
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Font Type1
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