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	Celtic Knotwork Font

	The metafont source comprises the following files.

	knot1.mf	These are the base files for seven different
	knot2.mf	styles of knotwork. You can create your own
	knot3.mf	by modifying the parameters set in these.

	doknots.mf	This files sets up the macros according to the
			base parpameters.
	soloman.mf	This creates the parts for the Soloman Knot.
	found.mf	This creates the parts for the Foundation Knot.
	sides.mf	This has different styles of intersections.
	bits.mf		This has general box drawing characters and
			bits for ornamentation.

	testknot.tex	This is a comprehensive display of the seven
			knotwork types and how one might display them.

	In general to use them in TeX you must set up a box with
\obeylines, \obeyspaces, \baselineskip=0pt, and \lineskip=0pt. This is
to ensure there are no gaps between vertical characters.
	The best way I've discovered in LaTeX is to use a center
environment with a \nointerlineskip after each \\.
	I would greatly appreciate any macros people work out for using
the knotwork characters in. I would especially like to see some sort of
tabular environment or a border creation macro.
	Known bugs:
		I don't think it works at other than normal magnification.
	I'm probably using an unshapred value where I should be using
	a sharped value or vice versa.
		The width of the path appears to change on the
	straight vertical or horizontal strokes.
		My screen driver shows gaps between some characters. I do
	not see these on my printer though.
		Some joints appear a bit kinked. Not badly enough to
	detract from sight.

	Send all comments, bugs and improvementes to Jo Jaquina,

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (12.1k).

knot – A Celtic knotwork font

The package provides a set of (basically similar) fonts. The glyphs of each font may be assembled into a knotwork pattern.

The fonts are distributed as source; a document to test the fonts is supplied.

Version 1992-03-27
MaintainerJo Jaquina
Contained inMiKTeX as knot
MF Font
Decor Font
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