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	     NFSS-2 Font Definition Files for Greek Fonts
			    Andrej Brodnik
			University of Waterloo
		    Department of Computer Science
			   Waterloo, Canada
			  January 19th, 1995

      [ Copyright (c) 1995 Andrej Brodnik, All Rights Reserved ]

[ Permission is granted to to customize the  declarations in this file
  to serve the needs of your installation. However, no permission is
  granted to distribute a modified version of this file under its
  original name.                                                       ]

This directory contains font definition files for three families of
Greek fonts otherwise available through "greektex" package. The
familes are:

  o clgr: serif (roman) family in file ``Uclgr.fd'' with:
      - medium series (m): upright shape (n), slanted shape (sl),
                           italic shape (it) and small caps shape (sc)
      - bold extended series (bx): upright shape (n)
  o clgrtt: typewriter family in file ``Uclgrtt.fd'' with:
      - medium series (m): upright shape (n)
  o clgrss: sans serif family in file ``Uclgrss.fd'' with:
      - medium series (m): upright shape (n)
  o clgrm: mathematical family (OML encoding) in file ``OMLclgrm''
      - medium series (m): italic shape (it)

Since, up to my knowledge, there is no known encoding scheme for Greek
letters (yet), we are using ``U'' -- user defined encoding.

However, to make things really compatible with LaTeX2e and possible to
typeset simultaneously in Greek and some other language, one needs to
upgrade ``greektex'' (see CTAN sites) to NFSS-2 and LaTeX2e. For now,
one can simply typeset small portions of Greek text in her or his
documents using the following environment:


and then

       Greek text.

for serif (roman) family or:

       Greek text.

for sans serif family (for typewriter family replace ``ss'' by
``tt''). However, the Greek text has to be encoded as described in ``A
practical system for typesetting Greek in \TeX'' by Y.N. Moschovakis
and G. Spiliotis (see again CTAN sites).

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (5.5k).

greektex-fd – font definition files for Greek

FD files for the three families of fonts of the Greek bundle, in a U encoding (for the roman, sans and teletype families), and again as an OML encoding for the roman family.

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