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Directory fonts/cyrillic/cmcyralt

       Russian fonts in alternative encoding.

The alternative encoding is de-facto standard on MS-DOS PC
computers in Russia. In this encoding first half of code
table (0-127) coincides with standard ASCII and cyrillic
characters are located in second part of the table (128-255).
Usually some simple screen and keyboard driver is used in order
to type cyrillic characters.

This directory contains:

readme - this file
readme.ori - original readme by A.Harin
cmcyralt.tex - original readme by A.Harin in Russian

mf.zip - METAFONT sources *.mf of cmcyr fonts by A.Samarin and N.Glonti
         with modifications by A.Harin

vf.zip - Virtual fonts *.vf by A.Harin. This composite fonts
      reproduce alternative encoding by mapping first half
      of ASCII table to standard TeX's Computer Modern font
      and second part to cmcyr fonts in alternative encoding.

vpl.zip - readable analog of *.vf files

tfm.zip - Font Metric files

emtex.zip - Some useful files which can help to set up
         Russian fonts with emTeX

The LaTeX styles which can be used with these fonts are in CTAN:
/macros/latex209/contrib/cmcyralt     for LaTeX NFSS1
/macros/latex/contrib/other/cmcyralt  for LaTeX 2e

In order to use this fonts and styles you will need TeX which
understand 8-bit input, and drivers which understand virtual fonts.
The best choice for MS-DOS PC is emTeX and its dvidrv drivers
(/systems/msdos/emtex directory on CTAN).

Uploaded by Vadim V. Zhytnikov (vvzhy@phy.ncu.edu.tw)
on the behalf of Alexander Harin (harin@lourie.und.ac.za)

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (435.9k).

cmcyralt-fonts – Russian fonts in "alternative" encoding

The bundle provides VFs to generate a set of fonts that have Knuth's CM in the bottom 128 slots, and modified cmcyr fonts, re-encoded into ‘alternative’ encoding, in the top 128 slots.

Macro support in is also available.

Version 1994-06-25
MaintainerAlexander Harin
Cyrillic Font
Font virtual
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