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For the sake of consistency, I have changed the powers of 1.2 to
rounded sizes (as happens elsewhere): 10.954451 into 10.95,
20.736 into 20.74, 24.8832 into 24.88 and 
29.8685984 (which should have been 29.85984) into 29.86.
The files in ready-mf files now have Unix endings.

Jeroen Nijhof



le 15/06/1997

I have provided here parameter files for the WN (LH) fonts, as used by
the babel package for russian (with, hopefully, the right
encoding). As usual, the copyright remains with the original authors.

For convenience's sake, I have also included ready-MF files for WN,
AMS, BBM and RSFS fonts. These have been created with MacOS line
endings. You can also generate them by running TeX on the files
"wnstdedt.tex", "amsstdedt.tex", "bbmstdedt.tex" and "rsfsstdedt.tex",
respectively. These have been created with *nix line endings.  If, on
the other hand, you are a Winthell victim...

%%%%%%%%% Original README

le 20/11/1995

The files provided here are parameter files used to produce versions of the
Ralph Smith's Formal Script Symbols, Gilles Robert's Blackboard fonts and of
the AMS' mathematical symbols (not extra cm, already sauterised, nor euler, 
nor cyrilic), at any (reasonable) size. They are designed to be used within
the Sauter distribution, and those files that you are interested in should be 
placed in the "addons" folder of the sauter distribution. You will also need 
some files from the rsfs (for Ralph Smith's), bbm (for Gilles Robert's) and
AMS distributions. Beware that some file names do not fit into a 8.3 scheme 
(sorry, but I felt compatibility with the font designers' wishes were more 
important). Do note that the copyrights for these fonts rest entirely with
their authors', not me.

When I find the time, I will write a short LaTeX2e package to use the various
sauterised math fonts (cmex, St Mary Road, Wasy2, bbm, rsfs, msam, msbm) at the 
exact, rather than scaled, sizes.

Please send any bugs, problems, and proposals to me.

    Hubert Holin

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