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%% enpassant: support files for chess font
%% Copyright 2006 Ulrike Fischer (skak@nililand.de)
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A collection of type1 chessfonts ready for TeX
Version 1.1 Ulrike Fischer 2006

New in version 1.1:
Support for the fonts AlphaDia (can be found on CTAN in the skaknew package),
Alpha2 (from www.enpassant.dk) and chess-7 (also found on www.enpassant.dk)

The fonts in this folder are mostly fonts that I converted from source
that I found on http://www.enpassant.dk/. But I add also support files
for other free chess fonts.

On the website the fonts are all declared  to be free, and the
maintainer of the site, Eric Bentzen, said that he didn't object if I
put the converted fonts on CTAN. But I couldn't contact all the
authors so I decided to upload only a part of the pfb. For the other
you must do the conversion yourself. The needed ttf2pt1 command is

ttf2pt1 -b ***.ttf  chess-***-raw

Please look in the map-files for the correct output name.

If you want to use the fonts for a commercial project, please check
that no author objects.

Other available chessfonts are skak (Metafont) and skaknew (Type1)
which you can find on CTAN.

It is quite possible that the fonts or their metrics (tfm) need to be
adjusted. I didn't do anything to improve quality (I wouldn't have
been able, I don't have an application to fiddle with fonts, and I
don't have the skill anyway). If you have the skill and the
possibilities to correct possible errors I would be quite happy if
you sent my the corrected files at skak <at> nililand <dot> de.


- Readme (this file)
- a lot of tfm-files: put them e.g. in fonts/tfm/chess/enpassant
- a lot of pfb-files: put them in fonts/type1/chess/enpassant
- a lot of afm-files: put them in fonts/afm/chess/enpassant
- a lot of enc-files: put them in fonts/enc/chess/enpassant
- a lot of .fd-files: put them in tex/latex/chessfss/enpassant
- and a map-file which should go somewhere in fonts/map and which you should add
to your .map-files with e.g. updmap.

The lucena, the alphadia and the skaknew fonts has special mask chars
to color the background of a char. Please read the documentation of
chessfss (at least version 1.2) to learn how to use.

The documentation of chessfss shows how to use the fonts.
chessfonts_gallery.pdf (also part of chessfss) shows the look of the

1. The .tfm of the lucena font has been renamed (to reflect the
mask-chars needed for color support), so make sure that you are using
the new fd-file and not an old chessfss.cfg.

2. If something doesn't work as expected please make sure before
sending a bug report if it isn't the fault of older versions of
chessfss.cfg, *.enc-files, *enc.def-files and *.fd-files, tfm/pk etc.


Name            Author
alfonso         Armando H. Marroquin

alpha           Eric Bentzen the author allowed the upload

alpha2          Peter Strickland

alphadia        Ulrich Dirr. The pfb can be found in the skaknew
                package on CTAN.

aventurer       Armando H. Marroquin

berlin          Eric Bentzen the author allowed the upload

cases           Matthieu Leschemelle

cheq            Copyright (c) 1989 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
                I haven't change or converted this font. The original is already a type1 font.
                I have only renamed it.

chess-7         Alexander Sizenko, http://www.styleseven.com

condal          Armando H. Marroquin
harlequin       Armando H. Marroquin
kingdom         Armando H. Marroquin
leipzig         Armando H. Marroquin
line            Armando H. Marroquin
lucena          Armando H. Marroquin
magnetic        Armando H. Marroquin
mark            Armando H. Marroquin
marroquin       Armando H. Marroquin
maya            Armando H. Marroquin
mediaeval       Armando H. Marroquin
merida          Armando H. Marroquin
millennia       Armando H. Marroquin
motif           Armando H. Marroquin
pirat           Klaus Wolf
                A freeware chessfont. The author is Klaus Wolf, one of the authors of the chess software
                Pirat,  intended for correspondence chess. www.go-pirat.de.
skak-k6         Egon Madsen
                I haven't change or converted this font. The original is already a type1 font.
utrecht         Hans Bodlaender the author allowed the upload ("Debian license")

%% End of file `README'.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (571.2k).

enpassant – Enpassant chess font support

The package contains the necessary files to use free chess fonts from the En passant site (or on CTAN), with . For some of the fonts the pfb-file is also part of the package, or is available elsewhere on CTAN. For others the pfb must be made from the original ttf from the enpassant site. Instructions about the conversion and the use of the font can be found in the documentation of chessfss.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerUlrike Fischer
Contained inMiKTeX as enpassant
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