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%%%     package="m-capbas.arj"
%%%     author="Phons Bloemen (PhB)",
%%%     address="Eindhoven U. of Technology"
%%%     email="Internet: phons@ei.ele.tue.nl",
%%%     abstract="
%%%        Capital Baseball
%%%        Part of Capital Baseball package"
%%%     copyright="Copyleft (L) Phons Bloemen (PhB),
%%%        according to GNU public licence version 2 or later.
%%%        (1) Do not change this file (even its name)
%%%        (2) if you do make changes, first rename it to some
%%%            other name, and mark your changes clearly.",
%%%     }
Capital Baseball contains a lot of new fonts:
7-segment, 14-segment, Simple, matrix fonts like Flyspec and
Neckerspoel, and Capital Baseball itself.
Capital Baseball contains the folling files (run the 'driver'
files through Metafont).

capbas.mf        4160  10-06-94  'driver file' for Capital Baseball font.
capbasd.mf       4384  10-06-94  'driver file' for CapBas DoubleOutline font.
capfon.mf       15986  10-03-94  Contains character definitions
cmbug.mf          662  10-06-94  Example of mftools.mf.
                                 Creates a 'buggy' version of cmtt10.
                                 Create larger magnifications!
cmgray.mf         572  10-06-94  Example of mftools.mf.
                                 Creates a 'grayed' version of cmssbx10.
d7seg.mf         6863  10-03-94  'driver file' for a seven-segment font.
deseg.mf         8639  10-03-94  'driver file' for a 14-segment (star) font.
flyspec.mf       7113  10-03-94  'driver file' for Flyspec (5x5 matrix font).
                                 Render this at mag=0.3.
mftools.mf       8828  10-21-94  This file contains my Metafont toolkit.
necker.mf        8003  10-03-94  'driver file' for Neckerspoel (5x8 matrix font).
readme           3272  10-21-94  This file.
simdefs.mf       5730  10-03-94  Font definitions for Simple.
simfon.mf        5616  10-03-94  'driver file' for Simple.

The toolkit contains the following functions, which work on the
'currentpicture' (the character glyph as Metafont has hit in
memory at the moment of the application of the function)

outline(a)       outline a character. 'a' controls thickness of
                 outline, and is a fraction of character width 'w'.
douboutline(a,b) keep the character, and draw an outline of
                 thickness 'a' at distance 'b' around it.
gentile          generate a tiling pattern. See the mftools.mf
                 file and the example cmbugs.mf for its use.
                 After this, do a 'tilepicture:=currentpicture".
tilepic(til)     apply tiling pattern 'til' to the character
                 glyph in memory (pictures are 'AND'ed).
otilepic(til,a)  apply tiling pattern 'til' to the character, and
                 create an outline of the character. The character
                 and tiling are 'AND'ed, the outline is 'OR'ed.
xmirror          reflect around axis x=0.5w.
ymirror          reflect around axis y=0.5(h+d).
reversevideo     invert the 'currentpicture'. Boundary: (w * (h+d)).

Happy Metafonting,

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (26.2k).

capbas – Capital baseball "matrix printer" font collection

The collection contains a toolkit and a set of small fonts that emulate various matrix printers, including Flyspec 3 (a 5x5 grid font), Neckerspoel (a 5x7 grid font), and Capital baseball itself. Documentation on the web is in Dutch.

Version 1994-10-21
LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerPhons Bloemen
TopicsNovelty Font
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