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`Byzantine Music Fonts' designed by I.A. Vamvakas. Aesthetic help
by P. Kotopoulis.

The directory 'byzfonts' is made of subdirectories that contain
grouped categories of typical byzantine music fonts. The directory
tree is as follows:

byzf.mf              : The main source file
byyf.mf              : 'byzf's complementary source file
bzal.mf              : Source file for the Alphabet and the Ligatures

Alphabet/Caps        : Source files for the capital Greek letters 
Alphabet/Smalls      : Source files for the small Greek letters 
Alphabet/Ligs        : Source files for the ligatures
Alphabet/Witns       : Source files for the witnesses

Defs/definitions.tex : 'newcommand's for the 8 tones

STY/alf.sty          : Style file for the 'bzal' font
STY/bzf.sty          : Style file for the 'bzyf' font
STY/bzfct.sty        : Style file for the 'byyf' font
STY/f3nts.sty        : General style file

XAP_pos              : Quantity symbols
XAP_poi              : Quality symbols
XAP_diuf             : Sharp and Flat symbols
XAP_fth              : Tone changing symbols
XAP_xpo              : Tempo symbols
XAP_syn              : Combinations of symbols
XAP_synct            : Complementary combined symbols

Examples/musphr1.tex : Example musical phrase  
Examples/musphr2.tex : Example musical phrase  
Examples/musphr3.tex : Example musical phrase  

Note: The Greek caps have been designed with double hight 
      for usage only at the beginning of a musical phrase.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (572.6k).

byzfonts – Byzantine Music Font

A font (as source) and macros that allows those familiar with the music of the Greek Orthodox Church (aka, Byzantine Music) to typeset music phrases using .

LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright2005 Ioannis A. Vamvakas
MaintainerPanagiotis Kotopoulis
Ioannis A. Vamvakas
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