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Direc­tory dviware/umddvi/previewers/texx2

Sorry, this file got let out of the original distribution.

This directory contains several tools to manipulate the DVI files produced
by TeX and LaTeX. Additionally, it includes a re-distribution of the
DVI library routines written by Chris Torek at the University of Maryland.
The utilities included are:

dviselect	select specific pages from a DVI file
iptex		print a dvi file on an Imagen
texx		a dvi previewer for X-11 windows
texsun		a dvi previewer for SunView windows

texx2		a much improved dvi previewer for X-11 windows

To install this package, read the documentation in the file
doc/installation.tex. The short instructions follow.


	+ Change the binary path names in the ./Makefile.

	+ Select a location for your ``font description'' file, and copy and
	  modify the file in fontdesc-example to suit your local installation.
	  Change the main makefile to use that path for variable FONTDESC

	  The default is /usr/local/lib/tex82/fontdesc

	+ cd to texx2; Edit the Imakefile. Note that DEFAULT_TFM_PATH
	  defines the default path for finding .tfm files, just like TeX.

	+ Build a Makefile from the Imakefile

	+ run ``make texx2'' at the main level

	+ texx2 should now be built. You'll need to install some fonts.

	+ in run texx2/mftobdf -mag 1000 -scaled 1000 cmr10. If mftobdf
	  can't find your font, you've got a bad fontdesc file or the
	  path to it is wrong.

	+ assuming that this works, edit texx2/buildfonts to suite your
	  local X configuration. I keep fonts in /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/cmr,
	  and have added this to my font path using
		% xset +fp /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/cmr
		% xset fp rehash

	+ in texx2, run "buildfonts -mag 500 `cat FONTS` " to build a
	  fair number of standard fonts. Note that the default is
	  300 dpi. If you want a smaller set too, say ``-mag 333''.

	+ You can use other DPI's -- both texx2 & mftobdf have switches
	  for this.
Dirk Grunwald
Univ. of Illinois

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