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This is the README file for dvitops, version 1.2.

See the file INSTALL, for information on installation.

dvitops translates dvi files output by TeX into PostScript.

dvitops is not copyrighted; you can do with it exactly as you please.
I would, however, ask that if you make improvements or modifications,
you ask me before distributing them to others.

Besides dvitops itself, this distribution contains three other
programs: psfont, which is a very simple-minded filter to handle
font-downlaoding; pfbtops, which unpacks PostScript fonts from the
format in which they are supplied by Adobe for the IBM PC; aftopl,
which converts afm files to pl files.  There is also a style file
(ps.sty) and some PostScript code which sets up LaTeX to use

Please report any bugs you find.  If you report a bug, please say what
version of dvitops you are using.

James Clark

30 Peel Street
London W8 7PD

$Header: /usr/jjc/dvitops/RCS/README,v 1.7 90/10/27 11:44:42 jjc Exp $

dvitops – A DVI driver for PostScript output

This driver, though good in its day, was never updated to use virtual fonts, and has therefore lost out to dvips in terms of market share.

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