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This is a crude hack to fix a bibtex bug that comes up using
package url. The bug is that, when the url is "long", it gets split
into shorter lines by a %. One might expect this % to just eat up the
newline that follows it and disappear; unfortunately, however, it
instead appears in the printed document.

This utility strips away the % and rejoins the lines together. It
should be run on the .bbl file after bibtex generates it and before
latex uses it. (Yeah, I don't use the stupid mixed capitals. So?)

     python fixbbl.py paper.bbl
         Rewrite paper.bbl as follows. Any line ending in % has the %
         stripped and is joined to the next line. The original file is left
         in paper.bbl.bak. If a previous .bak file existed, it is overwritten.

     python fixbbl.py
         Works as a filter on stdin/stdout, if that's what you like.

(NB: if #! works on your system, you probably know that you can leave
out the 'python' in the above, after chmodding the script.)

Frank Stajano, http://www.uk.research.att.com/~fms/, http://i.am/fms/
(c) AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
development started 2000-02-27

fixbbl – Patch bibliographies inappropriately broken by

This Python script deals with the well-known bug(feature) whereby inserts a "%" in a url to cause the bibliography line to fit into its minuscule vision of what is an acceptable input line for .

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