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This is the BibTeX style (.bst) file for the 
following journals by The British Ecological Society:

Functional Ecology
Journal of Animal Ecology
Journal of Ecology
Journal of Applied Ecology

Simply include it in your .tex file with command 


where 'myreferences' is actually the file 
'myreferences.bib', which should be your bibliographic 
databank in BibTeX format, of course!  

Please, be aware that this style was pro­duced in­de­pen­dently 
of the British Ecol. So­ci­ety, and has no for­mal ap­proval 
from the Society.

--------------- if you feel like doing a hackers' job:
I have included here also the file 


which is the one used originally to generate functional_ecol.bst 
but should serve for all 4 BES journals. If 
you spot any mistake in the .bst file, you'd better fixing 
it in the .dbj file, instead of trying to fix the .bst file.

Then, make sure you have custom-bib installed and run:

latex besjournals.dbj 

to produce besjournals.bst, and please, let me know!!!


Og DeSouza <og.souza@ufv.br>

PS: if you publish a paper using this bst file, please be 
kind to mention it in the acknowledgments, and send me a 
pdf of your paper for my records. It may improve the chances
to get my next research grant!

--------------- changelog
2014-10-21 fixing typos in README file
2014-10-21 eliminating the inclusion of URL’s for each reference
2014-10-22 renaming README.txt to README to comply with CTAN standards

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (17.7k).

besjournals-bst – Bibliographies suitable for British Ecological Society journals

The package provides a style for use with journals published by the British Ecological Society. The style was produced independently of the Society, and has no formal approval by the BES.

Version 2014-10-22
LicensesThe Project Public License
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