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longdivision – Typesets long division

This package executes the long division algorithm and typesets the solutions. The dividend must be a positive decimal number and the divisor must be a positive integer. Repeating decimals is handled correctly, putting a bar over the repeated part of the decimal. Dividends up to 20 digits long are handled gracefully (though the typeset result will take up about a page), and dividends between 20 and 60 digits long slightly less gracefully.

The package defines two macros, \longdivision and \intlongdivision. Each takes two arguments, a dividend and a divisor. \longdivision keeps dividing until the remainder is zero, or it encounters a repeated remainder. \intlongdivision stops when the dividend stops (though the dividend doesn’t have to be an integer).

This package depends on the xparse package from the l3packages bundle.

Version1.2.2 2023-10-21
MaintainerHood Chatham

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