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Ankündi­gun­gen für en­u­mitem

en­u­mitem – Con­trol lay­out of item­ize, enu­mer­ate, de­scrip­tion

This pack­age pro­vides user con­trol over the lay­out of the three ba­sic list en­vi­ron­ments: enu­mer­ate, item­ize and de­scrip­tion. It su­per­sedes both enu­mer­ate and md­wlist (pro­vid­ing well-struc­tured re­place­ments for all their fun­tion­al­ity), and in ad­di­tion pro­vides func­tions to com­pute the lay­out of la­bels, and to ‘clone’ the stan­dard en­vi­ron­ments, to cre­ate new en­vi­ron­ments with coun­ters of their own.

Copy­right2003–2009 Javier Be­zos
Be­treuerJavier Be­zos López

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