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An­nounce­ments for dif­f­co­eff

dif­f­co­eff – Write dif­fer­en­tial co­ef­fi­cients eas­ily

dif­f­co­eff.sty al­lows the easy and con­sis­tent writ­ing of or­di­nary, par­tial and other deriva­tives of ar­bi­trary (al­ge­braic or nu­meric) or­der. For mixed par­tial deriva­tives, the to­tal or­der of dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion is cal­cu­lated by the pack­age. Op­tional ar­gu­ments al­low spec­i­fi­ca­tion of points of eval­u­a­tion (or­di­nary deriva­tives), or vari­ables held con­stant (par­tial deriva­tives), and the place­ment of the dif­fer­en­tiand (nu­mer­a­tor or ap­pended).

Ver­sion 2 is built on xtem­plate, al­low­ing the sys­tem­atic fine-tun­ing of the dis­play and gen­er­a­tion and use of vari­ant forms (like deriva­tives built from D, \Delta or \delta).

The pack­age re­quires the 3 bun­dles l3k­er­nel and l3­pack­ages.

Ver­sion2.1 2018-12-05
Copy­right2016–2018 An­drew Parsloe
Main­tainerAn­drew Parsloe

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