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Date: August 14, 2021 6:29:56 PM CEST
Takuji Tanaka submitted an update to the upmendex package. Version: 0.58 2021-08-08 License: bsd3 Summary description: Multilingual index processor Announcement text:
* Support Devanagari, Thai scripts (experimental). * Accept multiple numbers of style files by option '-s'. * Add keywords "kana_head", "hangul_head", "devanagari_head", "thai_head" to style file. * Add an option "numeric-ordering" to the keyword "icu_attributes" in style file. * Treat "Circled Katakana" as kana. + Fix a bug of reading keywords "setpage_prefix", "setpage_suffix" in style file.
The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/upmendex The package’s files themselves can be inspected at https://mirrors.ctan.org/indexing/upmendex/
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Petra Rübe-Pugliese
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upmendex – Multilingual index processor

The package is a multilingual index processor with the following features:

  • Mostly compatible with makeindex and upper compatible with mendex.
  • Supports UTF-8 and works with up, XeLaTeX and Lua.
  • Supports Latin (including non-English), Greek, Cyrillic, Korean Hangul and Chinese Han (Hanzi ideographs) scripts, as well as Japanese Kana.
  • Supports Devanagari, Thai, Arabic and Hebrew scripts (experimental).
  • Supports four kinds of sort orders (Pinyin, Radical-Stroke, Stroke and Zhuyin) for Chinese Han scripts (Hanzi ideographs).
  • Applies International Components for Unicode (ICU) for sorting process.

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