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Date: August 24, 2022 9:08:41 PM CEST
Herbert Voß submitted an update to the pst-barcode package. Version: 0.19 License: lppl Summary description: Print barcodes using PostScript Announcement text:
This version has a lot of changes: ----- pst-barcode.tex 0.19 2022-07-03 - The parse option was extended to perform replacement of control character names such as ^NUL and ^RS with their ASCII value. - The horizontal alignment of text in matrix symbols was fixed. - Various fixes were made for the encoding of Data Matrix, DotCode and Micro QR Code symbols. - The encoding of QR Code symbols was optimised. - The encoding of Rectangular Micro QR Code symbols was aligned with the final release of the specification. - The linear render now uses filled polygons rather than stroked lines. - Code 93 Extended was amended to not shift encode "$%+/" symbols. - Support was added for USPS FIM E marks. - Support for AI (715) was added to the GS1 linter. - Ultracode tile colours are now defined as RGB rather than CMYK. New tile colour patterns are defined for the upcoming revision. - A bug in the encoding of certain Aztec Code symbols was fixed. - A bug in the encoding of certain Dotcode symbols was fixed. - A bug in the encoding of QR Code symbols containing Kanji compression was fixed. - The rMQR encoding was optimised, potentially resulting in smaller symbols. - The colours for Ultracode symbols were changed to RGB values rather than CMYK. - The metrics for Ultracode symbols was updated and a raw mode was added. - Linting of GS1 AI (4308) was fixed. - Linting of the check character pair for AI (8013) was added. - Linting for GS1 coupon AIs (8110) and (8112) was added. - Linting for GS1 AI syntax data was expanded and fixed. - A convenience encoder for GS1 DotCode was added. - GS1 Composite Component symbols were fixed. - Linting was added to GS1 Composite Components. - Linting for GS1 AI syntax data was added. - A bug in the compact encoding methods 0110X for GS1 DataBar Expanded formats was fixed. - The parse and parsefnc options are now processed by a single routine that allows their escape patterns to coexist in the input data. - Bugs in ECI processing with PDF417 and MicroPDF417 were fixed. - A bug in the seperator pattern for GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked Composite was fixed. - A bug in leaving punctuation mode in Aztec Code was fixed. - An inefficiency in the QR Code encoding was fixed. - ECI support was added to Code One. - A bug in Data Matrix for ECI checks at end of data was fixed. - ECI support was added to Data Matrix, Aztec Code, QR Code, PDF417, MicroPDF417, Maxicode and DotCode. - GS1 DataBar Limited was updated to include a righthand whitespace guard. - Code 32 was fixed to avoid overwriting the provided barcode string. - A new encoder for Swiss QR Code was added. - The Codablock F encoding was optimised potentially resulting in smaller symbols. - The GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional and GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked separator patterns were fixed. - A bug in GS1-128 that sometimes prevented encoding with a Composite Component was fixed. - Bugs in GS1 Composite Component encoding were fixed. - The GS1 QR Code encoder was fixed. - Changes were required to the package build script due to new defaults in recent versions of GhostScript. - Preliminary support for the Rectangular Micro QR Code symbology was added. - The encoders were amended to workaround a non-standard operator on Harlequin RIPs. - A distict encoder was added for Data Matrix Rectangular Extension. - The Data Matrix encoder was enhanced to include the ISO formats for DMRE. - A crash with a certain encoding of data in GS1 Databar Expanded based symbologies was fixed. - A bug in the Code 128 encoder when composite component linkage flags were used with data terminating in mode C was fixed. - An encoder for the Royal Mail Mailmark symbology was added. - The performance of the renmatrix renderer was slightly optimised. - The performance of the renmatrix renderer was significantly improved. - A recent regression in the Data Matrix encoder was fixed. - The Data Matrix encoder was fixed to avoid certain cases where switching between C40, Text and X12 encoding might latch repeatedly. - Preliminary support for the JAB Code symbology was added. - The raw option was added to the Data Matrix encoder. - The base size of Ultracode symbols was increased. - Support for symbols composed of dots was added to the renmatrix renderer. - The DotCode encoder was amended to use the dotty matrix feature. - A bug in the DotCode encoder's handling of FNC3 message separator characters was fixed. - The DotCode encoder was fixed to support optimised handling of "FNC1 in First" for leading numeric input. - The performance of the Channel Code encoder was improved. - The base symbol size of the DotCode encoder was increased. - The DotCode encoder was enhanced to fix weaknesses with the mask evaluation algorithm. - The Channel Code encoder checksum calculation for channels 4 and 7 was fixed. - Fixed end of data region encoding error with EDIFACT encoding in Data Matrix. - Preliminary support for the Ultracode symbology was added. - The renmatrix renderer was improved to support colour symbols.
The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/pst-barcode The package’s files themselves can be inspected at https://mirrors.ctan.org/graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-barcode/
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Petra Rübe-Pugliese
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pst-barcode – Print barcodes using PostScript

The pst-barcode package allows printing of barcodes, in a huge variety of formats, including quick-response (qr) codes (see documentation for details).

As a PSTricks package, the package requires pstricks. The package uses PostScript for calculating the bars. For PDF output use a multi-pass mechansism such as pst-pdf.

MaintainerTerry Burton
Herbert Voß



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