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Date: January 26, 2007 9:59:40 AM CET
On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Staszek Wawrykiewicz submitted a new version of the lm fonts package. > Package: Latin Modern fonts > Version: 1.010 (Jan 16 2007) > Authors: JNSteam > License: GUST Font License > Location on CTAN: fonts/lm > > Recent changes: > 22.01.2007: no version change > * Lithuanian *.fd files corrected (reported by Sigitas Tolusis): L7X -> L7x > > Ver. 1.010, 16.01.2007: > * important bugs fixed (R. Kinch in 1995, http://www.truetex.com/tug95ps.zip, > Karel P\'{\i}\v{s}ka http://www-hep.fzu.cz/~piska/lm2006.html -- thanks > to both), moreover, `perthousand' and `permyriad' corrected in all italic > fonts (wrong path directions) > * LaTeX support fixed and enhanced with LM math (thanks to Marcin > Woli\'nski) > * math text metric files (rm-*.tfm) provided > * the letter `mu' corrected (other Greek letters must wait for a while) > * `[lL]dotaccent' renamed to `[lL]dot', wrong shapes (dot above) corrected > * `cedilla' adjusted in lmri*, lmu10, and lmdunh10 > * `[CcSs]cedilla' reprogrammed in lmri* and lmu10 > * `ogonek' and `cedilla' have forced height=0 now (in TFMs) > * new encodings (cs, l7x) added > * some glyphs renamed: `*superior' -> `*.superior', `*.oldstyle' -> > `*.taboldstyle', `*.oldstyle.prop' -> `*.oldstyle' (names `*oldstyle', > i.e., without a dot, removed) > * several glyphs added: combining accents, `sfthyphen' (a duplicate of > `hyphen' for non-TeX applications), `[eE].reversed', `[tT]cedilla', > Romanized Sanskrit letters (`[dD]dotbelow', `[hH]dotbelow', `[lL]dotbelow', > `[lL]dotbelowmacron', `[mM]dotbelow', `[nN]dotaccent', `[nN]dotbelow', > `[rR]dotbelow', `[rR]dotbelowmacron', `[tT]dotbelow' -- the suggestion > of R (Chandra) Chandrasekhar) > * the structure of OTF files corrected -- grouping within families changed > (following Adam Twardoch's suggestions -- thanks), features made more > reasonable, glyph naming adjusted to standard recommendations, OTF version > number consistent with the PS one > * the technical documentation provided > * a few minor changes in sources Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Rainer Schöpf

lm – Latin modern fonts in outline formats

The Latin Modern family of fonts consists of 72 text fonts and 20 mathematics fonts, and is based on the Computer Modern fonts released into public domain by AMS (copyright © 1997 AMS). The lm font set contains a lot of additional characters, mainly accented ones, but not exclusively. There is one set of fonts, available both in Adobe Type 1 format (*.pfb) and in OpenType format (*.otf). There are five sets of Font Metric files, corresponding to: Cork encoding (cork-*.tfm); QX encoding (qx-*.tfm); ’n’ANSI aka LY1 encoding (texnansi-*.tfm); T5 (Vietnamese) encoding (t5-*.tfm); and Text Companion for EC fonts aka TS1 (ts1-*.tfm).

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