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CTAN pack­age re­place­ments: lu­cida, lu­cidabr

Date: De­cem­ber 11, 2005 10:24:45 PM CET
Karl Berry writes: > The lu­cida (fonts/met­rics/bh/lu­cida) and > lu­cidabr (macros/la­tex/con­trib/psnf­ssx/lu­cidabr) pack­age's have been > up­dated on CTAN. > > The lu­cida pack­age con­tains font met­rics for Lu­cida, but no ac­tual > out­lines (such as .pfb files). The out­lines must be pur­chased > sep­a­rately. The met­rics have been up­dated by Wal­ter Sch­midt; see > tech­ni­cal de­tails be­low. > > The lu­cidabr pack­age con­tains ba­sic LaTeX macro sup­port for Lu­cida un­der > the NFSS ("New Font Selec­tion Scheme"). Only doc­u­men­ta­tion has been > up­dated; the ac­tual LaTeX sup­port is un­changed. lu­cidabr is now > main­tained by TUG, via vol­un­teers Morten Hoegholm and Karl Berry. > > TUG will be mak­ing a sep­a­rate an­nounce­ment about avail­abil­ity of the > fonts. > > For more in­for­ma­tion, ques­tions, and bug re­ports, see in­for­ma­tion and > mail­ing list at http://tug.org/lu­cida. > > -- > > Tech­ni­cal de­tails for the lu­cida met­rics up­date: > > 2005-09-15 > > Font fam­ily hlhj with old­style fig­ures added. > Doc­u­men­ta­tion (doc/fonts/lu­cida/lu­cida.txt) up­dated > ac­cord­ingly. > > 2005-08-24 > > Changed di­rec­tory lay­out: > Met­rics, VFs and Type1 fonts are no longer spread over > sev­eral di­rec­to­ries each, and the doc­u­men­ta­tion re­sides in > <texmf>/doc/fonts /lu­cida now. Thus, all bot­tom-level > di­rec­to­ries have the name "lu­cida" (which works well with > TeX Live, al­though it is not re­quired by the TDS.) > > The font map files lu­cidabr.map and lumath.map have been > con­cate­nated to one sin­gle file named "lu­cida.map"; and > there is only one sin­gle map file "lu­cida.ali" for VTeX, > too. > > Map files us­ing stan­dard ("Karl Berry style") names for > the Type1 font files have been abol­ished, since both > MikTeX and TeX Live seem to pre­fer the orig­i­nal file > names. > (Note, how­ever, that all tfm and vf files carry _stan­dard_ > names, be­cause the orig­i­nal names would not be able to > dis­tin­guish be­tween LY1, T1 and TS1 en­cod­ing.) > > \tex­teuro is now pro­vided in _all_ TS1-en­coded fonts; when > there is no such char­ac­ter in the phys­i­cal Type1 font, it > is faked. > > Im­proved Pol­ish di­a­crit­ics and \dj in most vir­tual fonts. > > Re­vised VFs and met­rics of the small­caps fonts hlh­bc8t and > hlhrc8t to fix a mi­nor bug re­gard­ing the size of the > hun­garum­laut ac­cent. > > Old­style fig­ures from the Lu­cida Cal­lig­ra­phy-Italic fonts > are made avail­able also for the italic shape of the Lu­cida > Bright fam­ily. > > Re­vised doc­u­men­ta­tion; in par­tic­u­lar, the API pro­vided by > the fd files to scale the fonts (\De­clareLu­ci­daFon­tShape) > is now doc­u­mented. > > The Lu­cida type­face fam­ily was de­signed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes. > (R) Lu­cida is a trade­mark of Bigelow & Holmes Inc. > reg­is­tered in the U.S. Pa­tent & Trade­mark Of­fice and other > ju­ris­dic­tions. i have in­stalled the both sets of files at cam­bridge, and pushed the re­sults out to the other ctans (and hence to mir­rors). at the same time, i have deleted the (very) old met­rics on ctan at fonts/lu­cida the new files may be viewed at: http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/fonts/met­rics/bh/lu­cida/ (met­rics, etc.) http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/la­tex/con­trib/psnf­ssx/lu­cidabr/ (macros, etc.) and users may down­load them from: http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/fonts/met­rics/bh/lu­cida.zip (met­rics, etc.) http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/la­tex/con­trib/psnf­ssx/lu­cidabr.zip (macros, etc.) Robin Fair­bairns For the CTAN team

psnf­ssx – Ex­tra styles and en­cod­ings for PostScript fonts

Ex­tends the list pack­ages and en­cod­ings for us­ing scaleable fonts be­yond those avail­able in the ‘re­quired’ bun­dle. Fonts cov­ered in­clude some that are only com­mer­cially avail­able. Pack­ages in­clude:

The Mi­cro­press fonts, Lu­cida, Math­time and the Euro­pean Modern fonts are not them­selves avail­able free, and are not there­fore pro­vided on the archive. (Bitmap ver­sion of the Mi­cro­press fonts are avail­able — see Hel­vetica-Math and Times-Math bitmap font sam­ples.)

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