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CTAN package update: datatool

Date: August 20, 2007 3:56:31 PM CEST
quoth the cambridge upload daemon: > An upload to cam.ctan.org is in /anfs/ctan-inc/upload-20070819-133344/ > > ====================================================================== > > The following information was provided by the package's contributor. > > Name of contribution: datatool > Author's name: Nicola Talbot > Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/datatool > Summary description: Tools to load and manipulate data > License type: lppl > > Announcement text given by the package's contributor: > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Added databib package: provides commands to convert a BibTeX database > into a datatool database > > datatool.sty v1.01 : > > * Fixed bug in datatool caused when certain commands occur > in database entries or when the data type is tested. > * Fixed bug in \DTLsubstituteall (caused problems when certain > * commands occurred in string) > * Added \DTLsplitstring > * Added \DTLifSubString and \DTLisSubString > * Added \DTLifStartsWith and \DTLisPrefix > * Added case insensitive string tests > * \DTLinitials and \DTLstoreinitials now work with ~ and \space > * \DTLinitials and \DTLstoreinitials now use \DTLinitialhyphen > * Added \dtlcompare (no longer using compare.tex) > * Added \DTLgetvalueforkey > * Added \DTLgetrowforkey > * Added optional argument to \DTLsort > * Fixed bug causing expansion in \DTLsort > * Fixed bug in \DTLsdforall and \DTLvarianceforall > * Removed extraneous spaces in \DTLaddall, \DTLminall, > \DTLmaxall, \DTLmeanforall, \DTLsdforall and \DTLvarianceforall > * Fixed bug in \DTLiflastrow > * Fixed bug in \DTLremovecurrentrow > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- i have installed the new version and updated the catalogue (this was all done yesterday, so should have propagated rather widely by now). thanks for the upload. > Users may view the package catalogue entry at > http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/datatool.html > or they may browse the package directory at > http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/datatool Robin Fairbairns For the CTAN team

datatool – Tools to load and manipulate data

The tools comprise six packages:

  • datatool.sty: databases may be created using commands or by importing external files; they may be sorted numerically or alphabetically; repetitive operations (such as mail merging) may be performed on each row of a database, subject to conditions to exclude particular rows; commands are provided to examine database elements, and to convert formats (for example, to convert a numeric element to a format compatible with the fp package;
  • datapie.sty: a database may be represented as a pie chart; flexible options allow colouring of the chart, and annotation hooks are available;
  • dataplot.sty: a database may be represented as a 2-dimensional scatter or line plot; flexible options control of the plot's overall appearance, and of legends and other extra information;
  • databar.sty: a database may be represented as a bar chart; overall appearance, colouring and annotation are controllable;
  • datagidx.sty: provides a way of indexing or creating glossaries/lists of acronyms that uses to do the sorting and collating instead of using an external indexing application, such as xindy or makeindex;
  • databib.sty: a bibliography may be loaded into a datatool database, and manipulated there before being printed (this permits a -based route to printing bibliographies in formats for which no style is available); and
  • person.sty: provides support for displaying a person’s name and pronoun in a document, thus avoiding cumbersome use of “he/she”, etc.

The drawing packages make use of PGF/TikZ for their output.

The bundle supersedes and replaces the author’s csvtools bundle.

Version2.32 2019-09-27
Copyright2009, 2013–2019 Nicola Talbot
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