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Date: Oc­to­ber 4, 2001 2:08:10 PM CEST
----- For­warded mes­sage from Sz­abo Peter ----- I've just up­loaded tt2001, an EC/TC Type1 font col­lec­tion to CTAN. I've at­tached its README to my e-mail. Please find an ap­pro­pri­ate lo­ca­tion for the fonts, and move them there. Thank you, Sz­abó Péter README.txt, Mon Oct 1 13:30:27 CEST 2001 This is ver­sion 1.0 of Tt2001. This is Tt2001, a TeX .pfb font col­lec­tion, con­verted to .pfb in 2001 by the au­thor of TeX­trace, us­ing TeX­trace. It con­tains al­most _all_ the EC (Euro­pean Com­puter Modern) and TC (Text Com­pan­ion) fonts in all pos­si­ble de­sign sizes, _all_ the AMS fonts in all pos­si­ble de­sign sizes, plus some more. Author: pts at inf.bme.hu The miss­ing EC/TC fonts are: fcvt0500.pfb fcvi0500.pfb fct­t0500.pfb fc­st0500.pfb fc­it0500.pfb fctc0500.pfb fcf­f0500.pfb fcf­f0600.pfb fcf­f0700.pfb fcf­f0800.pfb fc­fi0500.pfb fc­fi0600.pfb fc­fi0700.pfb fc­fi0800.pfb fcf­b2488.pfb fcf­b2986.pfb fcf­b3583.pfb fcf­s2488.pfb fcf­s2986.pfb fcf­s3583.pfb fymis­c10.pfb ucf­b2488.pfb ucf­b2986.pfb ucf­b3583.pfb ucf­s2488.pfb ucf­s2986.pfb ucf­s3583.pfb ucf­f0500.pfb ucf­f0600.pfb ucf­f0700.pfb ucf­f0800.pfb ucf­f1728.pfb ucf­f2074.pfb ucf­f2986.pfb ucf­f3583.pfb uc­fi0500.pfb uc­fi0600.pfb uc­fi0700.pfb uc­fi0800.pfb uc­fi2986.pfb uc­fi3583.pfb ucit0500.pfb uc­st0500.pfb uct­t0500.pfb ucvi0500.pfb ucvt0500.pfb They are miss­ing be­cause METAFONT failed to gen­er­ate them. The miss­ing EC fonts are just some type­writer fonts at 5pt, plus some Fi­bonacci and funny fonts. Quick and dirty UNIX shell com­mand to find the miss­ing fonts: ls `awk -F '<' '/^[a-z]/{print$2}' <ecpfb.map` 2>&1 >/dev/null | awk -F ':' '{print sub­str($2,2)}' TeX­trace is avail­able from the net: http://tex­trace.sf.net TeX­trace was first pre­sented at EuroTeX 2001 http://www.ntg.nl/eu­ro­tex/. Tanakori Uchiyama has re­ported: By the way, there is a musixps-unix.tar.gz at CTAN. fonts/musix­tex/ps-type1/musixps-unix.tar.gz I think that it is easy to get and use it. Quot­ing sub­sub­sec­tion 5.4.1 of dvips.dvi: Com­mer­cial ver­sions of the Com­puter Modern fonts are avail­able from Blue Sky; pub­lic do­main ver­sions are avail­able from CTAN sites (for CTAN info, see sec­tion `unix­tex.ftp'' in Kpath­sea) in: fonts/postscript/bakoma fonts/postscript/par­adissa You may need to mod­ify these fonts; see http:///xxx.lanl.gov/faq/bakoma.html Knuth's orig­i­nal CM (Com­puter Modern) fonts (_not_ in­clud­ing Euro­pean ac­cen­tend let­ters) were con­verted to .pfb by Bluesky in 1991. Th­ese Bluesky .pfb fonts (such as cm­r10.pfb) are part of the stan­dard teTeX dis­tri­bu­tion, and are avail­able from CTAN since years ago. Some aux­i­lary fonts (such as the Me­taFont logo and the Wasy fonts) were con­verted to .pfb by Taco Hoek­wa­ter, 1998. Some fonts, such as Times, Hel­vetica and Char­ter were _orig­i­nally_ in PFB for­mat, so they need no con­ver­sion. Many of them are part of the stan­dard teTeX dis­tri­bu­tion, and also from CTAN. -- [B]+[T] Knuth's orig­i­nal CM (Com­puter Modern) fonts Knuth's orig­i­nal CM fonts con­verted by Bluesky are: cm­b10 cmb­sy10 cm­bx10 cm­bx12 cm­bx5 cm­bx6 cm­bx7 cm­bx8 cm­bx9 cm­bxs­l10 cm­bx­ti10 cm­c­sc10 cm­dun­h10 cmex10 cmex9 cmf­f10 cm­fi10 cm­fib8 cmit­t10 cm­mi10 cm­mi12 cm­mi5 cm­mi6 cm­mi7 cm­mi8 cm­mi9 cm­mib10 cm­r10 cm­r12 cm­r17 cmr5 cmr6 cmr7 cmr8 cmr9 cm­sl10 cm­sl12 cm­sl8 cm­sl9 cm­slt­t10 cmss10 cmss12 cmss17 cmss8 cmss9 cmss­bx10 cmss­d­c10 cmssi10 cmssi12 cmssi17 cmssi8 cmssi9 cmssq8 cmssqi8 cm­sy10 cm­sy5 cm­sy6 cm­sy7 cm­sy8 cm­sy9 cmtc­sc10 cm­tex10 cm­tex8 cm­tex9 cmti10 cmti12 cmti7 cmti8 cmti9 cmt­t10 cmt­t12 cmtt8 cmtt9 cmu10 cmvt­t10 Miss­ing from Bluesky CM, in­cluded in Tt2001: cmex9 -- [T] all AMS fonts (AMS A, AMS B, other math fonts, Euler frak­tur, cyril­lic etc.) Most of them are avail­able from [B]. AMS fonts as Bluesky .pfb's, con­verted in au­tomn 1992: (be­low). Since then a lot of AMS fonts were drawn, so these are not enough: cmb­sy5 cmb­sy7 cm­mib5 cm­mib7 eu­ex10 euf­b10 eufb5 eufb7 eufm10 eufm5 eufm7 eu­r­b10 eu­rb5 eu­rb7 eu­r­m10 eu­rm5 eu­rm7 eus­b10 eusb5 eusb7 eu­sm10 eu­sm5 eu­sm7 msam10 msam5 msam7 ms­b­m10 ms­bm5 ms­bm7 wn­cy­b10 wn­cy­i10 wn­cyr10 wn­cysc10 wn­cyss10 Tt2001 con­tains all AMS fonts (in­clud­ing those above): cmb­sy5 cmb­sy6 cmb­sy7 cmb­sy8 cmb­sy9 cm­c­sc8 cm­c­sc9 cmex7 cmex8 cm­mib5 cm­mib6 cm­mib7 cm­mib8 cm­mib9 wn­cy­b10 wn­cyb5 wn­cyb6 wn­cyb7 wn­cyb8 wn­cyb9 wn­cy­i10 wn­cyi5 wn­cyi6 wn­cyi7 wn­cyi8 wn­cyi9 wn­cyr10 wn­cyr5 wn­cyr6 wn­cyr7 wn­cyr8 wn­cyr9 wn­cysc10 wn­cyss10 wn­cyss8 wn­cyss9 eu­ex10 eu­ex7 eu­ex8 eu­ex9 euf­b10 eufb5 eufb6 eufb7 eufb8 eufb9 eufm10 eufm5 eufm6 eufm7 eufm8 eufm9 eu­r­b10 eu­rb5 eu­rb6 eu­rb7 eu­rb8 eu­rb9 eu­r­m10 eu­rm5 eu­rm6 eu­rm7 eu­rm8 eu­rm9 eus­b10 eusb5 eusb6 eusb7 eusb8 eusb9 eu­sm10 eu­sm5 eu­sm6 eu­sm7 eu­sm8 eu­sm9 msam10 msam5 msam6 msam7 msam8 msam9 ms­b­m10 ms­bm5 ms­bm6 ms­bm7 ms­bm8 ms­bm9 -- [T] EC (Euro­pean Com­puter Modern) fonts (drawn by J"org Knap­pen and Nor­bert Sch­warz), LaTeX \usep­a­ck­age{t1enc} -- [T] TC (Text Com­pan­ion) fonts (drawn by J"org Knap­pen and Nor­bert Sch­warz) -- [T] Knuth's orig­i­nal Con­crete fonts (the font fam­ily of the book Con­crete Math­e­mat­ics) -- [T] some LaTeX pic­ture draw­ing etc. fonts. Con­verted in May 2001: icm­c­sc10 icmex10 icm­mi8 icm­sy8 icmtt8 ilasy8 il­cmss8 il­cmssb8 il­cmssi8 -- [T] all xypic: LaTeX pic­ture draw­ing [2] con­tains some, but not all xypic: xy­atip10 xyb­sql10 xybtip10 xy­cir­c10 xy­c­mat10 xy­cmbt10 xy­dash10 xyeu­at10 xyeubt10 [T] con­tains all xypic, ex­cept for xymis­c10 (for which dvips failed): xy­atip10 xyb­sql10 xybtip10 xy­cir­c10 xy­c­mat10 xy­cmbt10 xy­dash10 xyeu­at10 xyeubt10 xy­line10 xyqc10 -- [T] yandy math­time fonts: mtcmmi mtcmsy The fol­low­ing com­mon teTeX .mf fonts are not avail­able in .pfb yet: -- jk­nap­pen/sauter/* -- lh/*/* (many!) -- pub­lic/*/* (too many!) __EOF__ ----- End for­warded mes­sage ----- Thanks for the huge (53974 KB) sub­mis­sion. I in­stalled it in CTAN:/tex-archive/fonts/ps-type1 Rein­hard Zierke for the CTAN team

ec – Com­puter mod­ern fonts in T1 and TS1 en­cod­ings

The EC fonts are Euro­pean Com­puter Modern Fonts, sup­port­ing the com­plete T1 en­cod­ing de­fined at the 1990 TUG con­fer­ence hold at Cork/Ire­land. Th­ese fonts are in­tended to be sta­ble with no changes be­ing made to the tfm files. The set also con­tains a Text Com­pan­ion Sym­bol font, called tc, fea­tur­ing many use­ful char­ac­ters needed in text type­set­ting, for ex­am­ple old­style dig­its, cur­rency sym­bols (in­clud­ing the newly cre­ated Euro sym­bol), the per­mille sign, copy­right, trade mark and ser­vice­mark as well as a copy­left sign, and many oth­ers. Re­cent re­leases of sup­port the EC fonts. The EC fonts su­per­sede the pre­lim­i­nary ver­sion re­leased as the DC fonts.

The fonts are avail­able in (traced) Adobe Type 1 for­mat, as part of the cm-su­per bun­dle. The other Com­puter Modern-style T1-en­coded Type 1 set, Latin Modern, is not ac­tu­ally a di­rect de­vel­op­ment of the EC set, and dif­fers from the EC in a num­ber of par­tic­u­lars.

Main­tainerJörg Knap­pen
Nor­bert Sch­warz



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