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Vafa Khalighi

The contributor Vafa Khalighi appears to be present as the CTAN community member vafa.

An Arab-like interface for XeLaTeX
Bidirectional typesetting in plain and , using
Bidi-aware shipout macros
Bidi-aware coloured contour around text
Experimental bidi-aware text highlighting
Bidi-aware page grid in background
Experimental bidi presentation
Bidi-aware shadow text
Boxes with crossed corners
Hyphenation patterns for Persian (in Unicode)
A pre-processor for files to support unicode bidirectional algorithm
Extend the applicability of the \footnote command
Typeset ghab boxes in
Am I running under pdf, or Lua?
Typeset IMS conference proceedings
Typeset scholarly editions in arabic
Typeset scholarly editions
Typeset scholarly editions in parallel texts
made easy
Bidi functions for Lua
Process and display figures inline
Parisa family of fonts
A localized Persian and bidirectional extension of
Round boxes in
Show characters inside a box
Typeset Parsi in Lua
Figures broken into subfigures
Typeset tram boxes in
Experimental unicode bidi package for
Support for color in XeLaTeX
Support for colour in XeLaTeX
Persian for , using
Support for the Persian language in xindy
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