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The LaTeX Team

The LaTeX picture mode, for use with Plain TeX
Default class for composing an article
A class for typesetting books
Documentation of LaTeX Cyrillic-alphabet features
The source of LaTeX's standard classes
Documentation of LaTeX configuration options
Install macros for "standard" fonts not used by LaTeX itself
Documentation of LaTeX class and package writing
Documentation of LaTeX font encodings
Wrapper package for experimental LaTeX 3
Permit Computer Modern fonts at arbitrary sizes
Docmentation of LaTeX font commands
Standard package for selecting font encodings
Patches for LaTeX
Documentation supplied as part of the LaTeX distribution
Regular expression facilities for LaTeX
LaTeX3 programming conventions
Experimental LaTeX 3 data tables
LaTeX 2e option processing using LaTeX 3 keys
A TeX macro package that defines LaTeX
High-level LaTeX3 concepts
Strip documentation in LaTeX 3 source
Base sources of LaTeX
Experimental LaTeX3 concepts
A trivial class, for use when testing
Standard LaTeX package for creating indexes
The rules about modifying LaTeX
Packages "required" of a LaTeX distribution
Typeset a multi-chapter report
Template for LaTeX documentation
Abbreviated verbatim commands
Standard package for activating ec fonts
The LaTeX standard tools bundle
Unpacked copy of the LaTeX sources
User-mode documentation for LaTeX
Rich boxed material for LaTeX 3
A generic document command parser
A high-level interface for declaring document commands
Control text feeding onto the page
Class for producing “proceedings”
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