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$Id: README 339 2021-01-10 23:08:54Z karl $
This is https://ctan.org/pkg/hyphenex.

This directory contains the TeX-readable file of hyphenation exceptions
for U.S. English: ushyphex.tex. It is one long call to \hyphenation{...}.

It is maintained by the TUGboat editors. If questions, problems, or
suggestions for additional exceptions, please email tugboat@tug.org.

Also here is the master file for the exceptions, maintained as a TUGboat
article: tb0hyf.tex. Updates are printed in TUGboat from the time to
time; the exact list is given in the file.

Also here are scripts to generate ushyphex.tex from tb0hyf.tex:
hyphenex.pl and hyphenex.sh, written by Werner Lemberg. The two scripts
(shell and Perl) do exactly the same thing.

All of the material in hyphenex is either public domain or under an
all-permissive license.

P.S. There is another set of hyphenation patterns and exceptions for
English, known as "usenglishmax", which defines many additional
hyphenation points. It is included in the hyph-utf package:
https://ctan.org/pkg/hyph-utf8. It was created by Gerard Kuiken and is
unrelated to the material here.


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Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (210.6k).

hyphenex – US English hyphenation exceptions file

Exceptions for American English hyphenation patterns are occasionally published in the User Group journal TUGboat.

This bundle provides alternative Perl and Bourne shell scripts to convert the source of such an article into an exceptions file, together with a recent copy of the article and machine-readable files.

Version 2021-01-10
LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
Copyright2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2021 Users Group
MaintainerBarbara Beeton
Karl Berry
Werner Lemberg (inactive)
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