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Name Notes
bib­lio Sys­tems for main­tain­ing and pre­sent­ing bib­li­ogra­phies within doc­u­ments type­set us­ing
⇒ /bib­lio
⇒ /info/di­gests
⇒ /info
dvi­ware Prin­ter drivers and pre­view­ers, etc., for .dvi files
fonts Fonts writ­ten in , and sup­port for us­ing fonts from other sources (e.g., those in Adobe Type 1 for­mat)
graph­ics Sys­tems and macros for pro­duc­ing graph­ics
help FAQs (de, fr, uk) and sim­i­lar di­rect as­sis­tance; the cat­a­logue
in­dex­ing Sys­tems for main­tain­ing and pre­sent­ing in­dexes of doc­u­ments type­set us­ing
info Man­u­als and ex­tended how-to in­for­ma­tion; er­rata for -re­lated pub­li­ca­tions, col­lec­tions of project (e.g., and NTS) doc­u­ments, etc.
in­stall ZIP files of ready-to-in­stall CTAN pack­ages. The pack­age con­tained in CTAN di­rec­tory a/b/c/d/ ap­pears as in­stall/a/b/c/d.tds.zip – each such file may be un­zipped di­rectly into a TDS tree, and should con­tain no `tree pre­fix'
lan­guage Sup­port for var­i­ous lan­guages; hy­phen­ation pat­terns
⇒ /lan­guage
macros macros; sev­eral di­rec­to­ries have sig­nif­i­cant sub-trees
ob­so­lete A tree hold­ing ob­so­lete soft­ware
sup­port sup­port en­vi­ron­ments and the like
sys­tems sys­tems; or­gan­ised by op­er­at­ing en­vi­ron­ment
tds The Direc­tory Struc­ture stan­dard
user­grps In­for­ma­tion sup­plied by User Groups
web Lit­er­ate Pro­gram­ming tools and sys­tems


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