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Name Notes
biblio Systems for maintaining and presenting bibliographies within documents typeset using
⇒ /biblio
⇒ /info/digests
⇒ /info
dviware Printer drivers and previewers, etc., for .dvi files
fonts Fonts written in , and support for using fonts from other sources (e.g., those in Adobe Type 1 format)
graphics Systems and macros for producing graphics
help FAQs (de, fr, uk) and similar direct assistance; the catalogue
indexing Systems for maintaining and presenting indexes of documents typeset using
info Manuals and extended how-to information; errata for -related publications, collections of project (e.g., and NTS) documents, etc.
install ZIP files of ready-to-install CTAN packages. The package contained in CTAN directory a/b/c/d/ appears as install/a/b/c/d.tds.zip – each such file may be unzipped directly into a TDS tree, and should contain no `tree prefix'
language Support for various languages; hyphenation patterns
⇒ /language
macros macros; several directories have significant sub-trees
obsolete A tree holding obsolete software
support support environments and the like
systems systems; organised by operating environment
⇒ /info/tds
usergrps Information supplied by User Groups
web Literate Programming tools and systems


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