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Using webfiles with spidery webs

Spider is a very nice tool that can generates a weave and a tangle
program from a description of a language.

Unfortunately, the control sequences that are written by spidery
weaves are not completely compatible with those output by
cweave. Therefore some extra macros are needed for the webfiles
package to handle spidery webs. The file "webkernel.tex", which goes
together with spider, must therefore be replaced with the version
found in this directory. (or patched, if you made changes to it

More unfortunately, some parts of the spidery weave output cannot be
handled by webfiles at all, due to small inconsistencies in
spider. This can only be fixed by recompiling these weave programs
using the changefile "sp-webfiles.ch", found in this directory.

Please note also, that the control sequences that are defined in the
language specific files "*web.tex" ("ceeweb.tex" in case of ceeweb,
etc.) must be usable with both TeX and LaTeX if you want them to work
with both formatters. It is also recommended to use safe names for
them. (In fact, it is always recommended to use safe names in macro
packages, but in case of webs it has been common practice to use very
short names like \B, \1, or \ET; that's why I mention it here.)

MWEB, the web system I created for the Matlab language, is already
equipped for the webfiles package; just take care not to use it with
an incompatible "webkernel.tex".

december 1997,                           Mark Potse

					 Medical Physics Department
					 Academic Medical Center
					 Meibergdreef 15
					 1105 AZ Amsterdam
					 The Netherlands


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