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This is the tango/weevil literate programming tool.  It is a rather
simple system for literate programming (much in the spirit of noweb)
but it has some features I have not seen in other tools:

	It is able to generate intra-file cross references.  This
	way, a code chunk can refer to code chunks in another
	file without linking the files together.

	The tangler is used to generate the cross references.
	This makes it easy, since the tangler knows where the
	output code is going (making determination of variable
	instances easier) and it knows what code chunks it came

	It is written completely in ANSI-C; no esoteric languages
	like icon are used so porting should be easy.  Note that
	this is ANSI C, if you are using old K&R you are working
	in the dark.

Tango/weevil will support multiple languages and output formats,
although only ANSI C and LaTeX2e are currently supported.  If you
don't have LaTeX2e, get it, it is much nicer to use than plain LaTeX.
Otherwise, you will have to write you own output routine for plain
LaTeX, since many LaTeX2e features are used.

A start of a user's document is included.  It is named userguid.tpc
and has gpic pictures in it.  A file named userguid.tex is also
included, it has the pictures already converted to tpic specials.

This software has been tested for a while and seems stable.  Still,
it might not work for you.  No guarantees.

Corey Minyard

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (42.2k).

tango-weevil – A simple Web system

A simple web system (with both tangle and weave capabilities), on the lines of noweb.

The system's selling points are that it's written in standard C, which tends to make porting easier, and that it supports inter-file cross references.

LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright1995 Corey Minyard
MaintainerCorey Minyard
TopicsLitprog tools
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