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Direc­tory web/spiderweb/fixes-to-be-applied/latex

This is a collection of files to enable you to use Spidery Web with
LaTeX as the formatter rather than plain TeX.  It is copyright D.Love,
SERC Daresbury Laboratory 1991 under the same conditions as the Spider

#include <disclaimer.h>
Snail mail:                 |  JANET: d.love@uk.ac.dl
Dr. David Love,             |  modern BIT/INTERNET: d.love@dl.ac.uk
SERC Daresbury Laboratory,  |  old UUCP: ...!ukc!daresbury!d.love
Warrington WA4 4AD,         |  alternative BITNET: d.love%dl@ukacrl
UK                  | alternative ARPA: d.love%dl@nsfnet-relay.ac.uk
 'Phone: (+44/0)925 603573, Telex: ...925 629609, FAX: ...925 603173

Here is a contents list.  You will need to copy the files to the
correct sub-directories of the spider source (once you are sure you
want to) and invoke, for instance, `make weave' in the C directory to
make a LaTeX version of weave.  See web.doc for definitive information
on the TeX aspect of things.

* README.LaTeX		This file;

* latexweb.tex		A short LaTeX document describing this stuff,
			intended for submission to TUGboat;

* weave.ltx		A change file for $MASTER/weave.web which
			inserts #defines to allow it to be compiled
			for LaTeX-compatible output;

* tangle.ltx		Trivial change file for $MASTER/tangle.web to
			allow woven output from it to be printed with
			either LaTeX or plain;

* spider.ltx		Change file for $MASTER/spider.web to allow it
			to produce output for a plain or LaTeX weave;

* WebMakefile		Changed version of $MASTER/WebMakefile
			to cope with the change files above and the
			different possible versions (also with my
			filenames wired in);

* web.doc		Self-documenting LaTeX sub-style for use
			instead of webkernel.tex.  Probably needs
			Mittelbach's newdoc.sty, v1.6d or later to
			produce documentation -- instructions at the
			front of it;

* web.sty		web.doc with comments stripped;

* cmake			Changed version of $SPIDER/c/make to produce
			LaTeX ceeweave;

* awkmake		Changed version of $SPIDER/awk/make to produce
			LaTeX awkweave;

* cspider.dif		Trivial diff from $SPIDER/c/c.spider to allow
			it to work with LaTeX or plain;

* tie.web		Translation of the TIE processor to spidery
			C-web.  This allows you to merge change files
			with the original or with other change files,
			which may be useful for combining the LaTeX
			changes with any you already have;

* tiedoc.tex		Explanation of the above.
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