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Direc­tory web/glasgow/lit2x-0.16/grasp-utils

This directory tree's worth of stuff are utility bits that are used in
more than one of our GRASP projects.  (For the project-specific bits,
try <project>/utils/<blah>.)

msub/		a utility from Paul DuBois, that lets you substitute
		for make variables (e.g., $(CC) ) in any old document.
		Given that, with the "make world" configuration
		system, Makefiles have loads of useful config info in
		them, this is the program used to sneak that info into
		other files.

ugen/		A utility from the LML-compiler distrib to support
		poor man's abstract data types for C.  Used in the
		parser ($(TOP)/parsers/hsp).

scripts/	little utility scripts

 lndir		from X imake stuff (via DuBois); make a shadow tree
		of symbolic links
 mkdirhier	"mkdir a/b/c/d" will do "mkdir a; mkdir a/b; ..."
		(assuming none of those dirs exist)

 runstdtest	runs a pgm with some flags & some stdin; checks for an
		expected exit code, expected stdout, and expected
		stderr.  (Expect this to change :-)

 newer		"newer a b" (obsolete?) exit code 0 if file "a" newer
		than "b", or something like that...

 tidycpp, hscpp	cpp (C pre-processor) wrappers, the latter for
		Haskell, the former obsolete?

 mkdependC	script version of C makedepend (from X11R4 via DuBois)
 mkdependHS	"make depend" (perl) script for Haskell code.

 mkdependLML	simon's makedepend1 script (needs work to function here)

 fastmake	a "make" wrapper for compiling Haskell programs;
		essentially, strips out the "make depend"ed
		dependencies to avoid so much re-checking.

 update_iface	a REALLY HORRIBLE hack, for updating the new Haskell
		compiler's interface files; covers for deficiencies in
		"nhc" (prototype compiler) i/face handling.

 ltx		a "latex" wrapper.  Re-runs latex/bibtex/makeindex
		enough times to "do the right thing."
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