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Hi ho!  Here are some FunnelWeb bits and pieces.

If you are reading this and decide to pick up
the files in this directory, please send me an email.
That way I know who is interested.

dek.fw is the FunnelWeb source to a sample program originally
written in (Pascal) WEB by Don Knuth, and published in CACM.

dek2.fw is the same program, but designed to be processed
with LaTeX instead of Plain TeX.  You'll need fw-latex.sty
in this directory.
To do this, use
    fw dek2 +t
then remove the first 347 lines of dek2.tex (the Plain TeX
header) with your editor.  (Or maybe say
    tail +348 dek2.tex > dek2.latex ; mv dek2.latex dek2.tex
in a Makefile . . . .)
Then run LaTeX on dek.tex.

Oh, by the way - rand_int.p is the Pascal source for a
suitable random number generator for use with the program.
This is Sun-specific!
To compile (on a Sun), do
pc -o sample sample.p rand_int.p
(you'll get a harmless warning).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me bug reports for fw-latex.sty!

Note that I have only tried to get the Plain TeX functionality
to work properly - anything extra is up to you.

Richard Walker                            richard@cs.anu.edu.au
Department of Computer Science            Aust:  (06) 249 5687
The Australian National University        Intl: +61 6 249 5687
GPO Box 4, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
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